The AIVD shares for the first time, how often is tapped

The Dutch intelligence services AIVD and the MIVD for the first time known how often exactly is being drained. With retroactive effect, so that now figures from 2002 transparent.

The statistics show a clear increase in the number of tapped devices over the years. In 2002, there were 559. In 2017, there were already 3205, of which the largest part by the General Intelligence and Security service.

The figures stand for the number of tapped persons, but for the number of devices. There are around one suspicion various taps are placed, such as both a smartphone as a internet access.

In other words, the increase is not one-on-one together with the number of threats, but is partly explained by the fact that over the years more and more mobile devices are going to use.

Nevertheless: “The attached numbers must also be viewed in the light of the increased threat in the area of counter-terrorism, cyber, and the unstable geopolitical situation at the external borders of Europe”, is to be read in this letter to parliament.

Finally public

The figures were for many years kept secret, but the Council of State ruled last year that the ministry of Home Affairs (public authority had to make. This after a long legal battle with the privacy organization Bits of Freedom.

It is intended that the statistics now, each year, to be shared. The interception activities of the intelligence agencies are under a magnifying glass now they have broader powers by the ‘sleepwet’.

Next week Wednesday is an advisory referendum around this onderwep place, where we can vote whether we are for or against the new law. The government, however, that the law is there, anyway, regardless of the outcome.

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