When choosing a wife, the man is set on these 10 qualities and not on their physical appearance

There is a stereotype about men to value only a beautiful appearance in the woman, a perfect figure, and obedience. But if a man has serious intentions towards her, pay attention to other qualities.

In Great.guru drew 10 illustrations wonderful that show what qualities looking for a man in his future wife. Watch them all and think if you agree with them.

1. Intelligence

Perhaps one of the main qualities in the marriage, because no one wants to become flushed by the stupidity of a person. Men who ensure that the intelligence for a woman is something unnecessary only lie.

2. Sense of humor

The ability to understand the joke and the joke is the indicator of a personality holistic and healthy. All of them are happy when they can laugh from all my heart with someone.

3. Fidelity

You can discuss many times, no one wants to be deceived. The man tries to find a woman that is with him for the rest of your life, but the wounds of the betrayal are not always retrieved.

4. Self-confidence

The trust itself often adorns the person more than the physical aspect. When a woman thinks she is stunning, others also think so.

5. Goodness

Who would you like to a person who wishes evil to others? In contrast, one who performs good deeds, will always shine in your interior and will attract the people.

6. Empathy

Some believe that this quality is very heavy and that interferes too much in life. But in reality the ability to empathize makes you a woman to be very sincere, able to reach out and help your loved one.

7. Know how to listen

Rarely the men open your heart. Appreciate the listen and give advice.

8. Independence

It is clear that the man wants to protect and take care of his beloved woman, but the inability to solve simple problems independently is only for the children, no one likes to take care of children.

9. Simplicity

All are tired of this type of “queens of drama”. Any man is sick and tired of the irritability and falsehood. Besides, what is so easy to always have the mask of a diva?

10. Sincerity

No one knows how to read thoughts, that’s why it’s better to say your desires and discontent immediately. This will help you avoid the fights and psychological trauma.

Иллюстратор Natalia Kulakova for Great.guru

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