Alleluia! The Android Apps will be updated while in use

Don’t you hate when you are using an app in Android and to update it you have to leave it to fill for several seconds and even minutes depending on your Internet connection? Well, that problem will already be part of the past because now the applications of Google’s operating system will be updated in the background while you use.

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The announced was made during the Android Dev Submit, a gathering of developers for the operating system most used in the world. As explained by Google, this new “super power” comes through an API that allows the update to complete when you restart the app.

Users will receive a notification with the update notice from the App and by accepting it, the application will continue running while you are downloading the latest version.

Although the option of using this functionality will depend on the developers. According to specific Google, the two options are an immediate update, that blocks the use of the application until the update is downloaded and installed (recommended in case of important updates such as security patches or correction of errors) or the so-called flexible upgrade, which is performed in the background.

For now, the new API updates In-app will only be available to developers with early access, and Google has not announced the official date in which will come to all the world but it will happen soon. and Partners.

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