Alert in Mexico by nRansom, the Ransomware that ask nudity for free files

The threat of nRansom, the Ransomware that asks for nude pictures to their victims instead of criptomonedas, is back in Mexico with such a boom, that the Cybernetic Police of the ministry of Public Security issued an alert to users to take care of this threat.

This perverse type of ransomware, which was discovered last September by the consultants on cyber security Malware Hunter Team, has infected computers around the world. Once nRansom access to your computer, the following message appears on the screen, along with an image of the television program the british Thomas the locomotive (Also known as Thomas and friends):

ATTENTION: New flaw in WPA2 compromises your router and your WiFi

“Your computer has been blocked. You can only unlock it with a special code”.

At once points to an e-mail to which you must enter and where it reads:

“We will not respond immediately. Once you do, you’ll have to submit at least 10 photographs that you will be naked. After this, we will need to verify that the photographs are yours.”

In the end, the bad guys reveal that their intentions are to sell your images to the deep web dark). The file that carries the virus, nRansom.exe, it was classified as dangerous in several tools of detection of malware, such as VirusTotal and Hybrid Analysis.

The new alert from the Police’s Cyber SSP was issued in Michoacan, although it can affect any user in the country, and, together with the proclamation issued recommendations to avoid being a victim of nRansom:

  • Don’t click on links that are unknown; even if they come from well-known people in emails, social networks or WhatsApp. If it seem strange, don’t do it
  • Do not download programs that are not from official sites
  • Back frequent of all the information from your computer and store them in the cloud or on a USB memory stick: if they can hijack your computer; you will have your information safeguarded.

How to protect yourself from nRansom?

There are measures you can take to not become victims of nRansom, but if you’re already in an attack, you also have options to try to recover your computer and your files without having to send photos of your naked.

In accordance with John Snow, an expert in cyber security, Kaspersky Lab, cited by the BBC, don’t pay the blackmail before the attack. It also warns that many times, even when you fulfill the demands of the criminals, there is no guarantee that we can send you the unlock code.

In addition, you can install on your computer any anti-virus programs that detect and protect against this type of attacks. Kaspersky is one of them.

If the virus were to leak out -something that normally does not happen, but could happen, the experts say – you need to unlock your computer by pressing simultaneously the keys Ctrl+Alt+Shift+F4, and then running a scan of the system.

Another company of cybersecurity, Puree VPN, lists these measures to take in order to prevent an attack or even if you are already a victim of one:

  • Do not click on any link or button you do not recognize.
  • Keep hide your IP address (which works as your identity card on the internet).
  • Backup frequent safety of all your data on sites in the cloud such as Dropbox or Google Drive.
  • Using a VPN makes you invisible on the internet. If no one can see you, no one can attack you.
  • If your computer is infected, disconnect the device from the network and turn it off immediately. and Partners.

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