Alert due to theft of information, bank details and identity in Wi-fi to the Metro-CDMX

A multi-million pound investment made by AT&T in coordination with the Metro of Mexico City allowed the users of the means of transport most used in the country will have free WiFi access in lines 7, 1, 3 A. Now that service is the product of modernity, could represent a serious danger.

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According to a report by newspaper free newspaper Publimetro, in recent weeks there have been over 100 citizen complaints for theft of information, bank details and even identity between the users of the free WifI network of the Service of Collective Transport Metro in the capital of the country.

Some of the offences even withdraw money directly from the accounts of users of the network using the bank applications installed on their devices.

“I had two charges to my card at least 20 thousand pesos which, of course, I did not do. So as I always say to the bank immediately; however, the advisor told me that possibly it was a leak of personal data or a virus that I got when I connected to the WiFi network of the Metro,” said during an interview, Miriam Sanchez, one of the affected people interviewed by Publimetro, who was connected to the grid to navigate through their “social networks”.

Faced with this sensitive information, the company BKO Security-responsible for the management of the information of the users that are connected – has not given a statement, but their terms and conditions state that, by accepting them, the company may “use, treat, collect, process, store information, including submissions by e-mail and cell phone of each user.”

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For its part, the administration of Metro CDMX ensures that BKO Security pledged to secure the data of users who connect to the network, although the complaints continue to increase.

AT&T, the company in charge of technology deployment and maintenance for the network, denied access to the information of the users, and is not in charge of the management, storage or security of the data of those who connect to the network.

Before you connect to the network free WiFi the Metro-CDMX, it is necessary to read carefully the terms and conditions. and Partners.

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