Alexa arrives officially to Mexico with 6 new products

Amazon has announced today the launch of Alexa in Mexico, as well as the arrival of 6 new products, among which is Amazon Music.

It was not a secret that Amazon would throw Alexa in Mexico, and obviously would have to be accompanied by some Amazon Echo, however, the brand has thrown the house through the window and has not brought one, but four different models of Amazon Echo, in addition to the Amazon Smart Plug, that is the plug smart for the home.

The Amazon Echo that they have come to Mexico are the following:

  • Amazon Echo (the second generation).
  • Amazon Echo Dot (third generation).
  • Amazon Echo Plus (second generation).
  • Amazon Echo Spot (screen).

If you’re wondering what are the direct competitors of the Google Home and Home Mini in Mexico, because we are talking about the Amazon Echo and Echo Dot, while the Echo Plus has a built-in hubs to function as the brain of your smart home, includes a temperature sensor and a sound much more powerful and defined than the Amazon Echo.

The main difference with the Echo Spot is that this includes a small screen that will serve to improve the interaction with the user, as in the screen you can see information that the rest of the Echo we can only listen.

Regarding the Amazon Echo Dot, this little speaker has been improved in 70% of its sound quality compared to the previous generation, and is the most affordable model of all the family Echo that arrives in Mexico.

All the new products from Amazon are powered by Alexa, who speaks in mexican Spanish, and which has the same functions that we can see in Spain, that is to say, we may ask for information, play music, to tell us how to prepare a cake, buy directly on Amazon, among other things, in addition to the already known Skills for Alexa that are already in Spanish.

However, there are things that Alexa still can’t make it in Spanish, as to recognize more than one user, speak to him in Spanish at the same time, and ask you to play a movie on your Fire TV Stick, but that will come later.

Alexa and her Skills in Mexico

For the arrival of Alexa, in Mexico the company has prepared several Skills in collaboration with Televisa News, Phillips Hue and Cinepolis, in addition to the Skills that have been developed by different programmers in English.

In the case of Cinepolis, the company has mentioned that you’ll be able to check movie schedules and book tickets for functions, although currently there is no option to purchase tickets. To use this skill simply say “Alexa, open Cinepolis”.

Amazon may sell medicines thanks to Alexa

Martha Debayle and the Horn are some podcast that will be available in Alexa, thanks to the skills of Televisa, which also will have other options to play news, and even, the Amazon Echo Spot will be able to play small videos of the news.

Amazon Music

Along with the Amazon Echo and the Smart Plug also comes Amazon Music, the music streaming service of the company of Jeff Bezos, which will give access to 2 million songs to members Prime, but it will have a version of the additional payment, called Music Unlimited, which has a catalog of 50 million songs.

Users Prime who want to hire the service will have a special discount.


The prices of the new products from Amazon are the following:

  • Amazon Echo Dot: initial Price launch 699 MXN / official price of 1,299 USD.
  • Amazon Echo: initial Price launch 1,799 MXN / official price of 2,499 USD.
  • Amazon Echo Plus-Price initial launch 2,199 MXN/ official price of 3,299 USD.
  • Amazon Echo Spot: initial Price launch 2,149 MXN / official price of 3,199 USD
  • Amazon Smart Plug: Price of 550 MXN.
  • Amazon Music: Subscription, monthly single 99 MXN and family 149 MXN / 990 annual and 1490 annually for family members only Prime. Subscription to a single device Echo by 39 MXN per month. and Partners.

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