Alexandre Godin: mixed reality, new opportunities

Imagine listening to music, and at the same time to see it in front of you. Imagine you can see the state of the traffic in the entire city without lifting his eyes from the road. Imagine not having to rely on more monitors, but of transforming the horizon of the sea on a screen. The charge of mixed realities of Airbus, Alexandre Godin, you do not want to imagine the future: you want to create.

For this, Godin combines ergonomics and bioengineering to locate the perfect spot in which machines and people interact in the most organic and intuitive as possible. “We are accustomed to the paradigm monitor things with our hands; for example, a mouse or a keyboard, “says Godin. “Now, we will control an avatar that we shall not be other than we ourselves“.

The recent development of mixed reality (MR) is a further step in the interaction of the human with the machines. This combination between virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), as defined by Godin, puts the user in the center and lets you acquire new skills, like making things appear out of nothing, monitor objects without touching them and create your planet digital.

The telepresence is another of the potential features of the mixed reality. The scholar of Airbus, highlights the advantages of attending a conference without leaving home, although feeling that he is physically there; communicate with your partner by avatars complete; or better, to be able to travel to Mars from the sofa and also interact with the space.

The possibility of seeing beyond what we have the scope, telepresence , and other capabilities that seemed magical becomes something that is routine with the mixed reality. “Now we use the computer, but the RM will change the way in which we interact with the data and with the technology, “he says.

Airbus is involved in this process from 2016. Godin and his team are working to unite the virtual and the physical with devices such as the launched by Asus and Microsoft, the big driver of this trend, and with whom Airbus co-operates through the Microsoft Mixed Reality Partner Program.

In the research work to prosper their designs, the quality controls and the customer experience of the service, the airline ends up developing the first coach of mixed reality on the planet for the commercial aircraft A350 XWB. Incorporates the HoloLens from Microsoft, you put virtual objects in the physical planet, and with headphones immersive. This advance will allow the aviation community to have better and more cost effective way of training, in addition to make it possible for a pilot to be able to learn from any site best way. For example, putting a engine virtual on the table of your office, or a cockpit in an office of assemblies.

Godin wants these emerging technologies give the jump to the street and also benefit to the greatest number of people, both in his work environment as private. They can be used in education, in medicine, architecture, and defense, among many other areas.

For the expert, this represents the future and can’t wait for more to arrive. “I love the power of mixed reality to communicate emotions, to simulate situations and to assist people to overcome their disadvantages. This is a unique way to relocate the user within the technology“.

Source: Opinno, publisher of the MIT Technology Review in Spanish

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