Some mobile Samsung are sending your private photos to your contacts without your permission

A bug in the messages app Samsung is doing that send your private photos to your contacts via SMS without you knowing and without asking for permission.

As has been reported by numerous users in the forums of Reddit, is proceeding to a shipping abuse images via the messages app preinstalled on the devices from the south Korean company infringed our privacy.

The error is occurring since it has released a new update of the app, so that is now when you are reporting this security flaw that probably Samsung is already working on.

What is most curious is that the photo gallery is sent to your contacts, but leaves no trace in the phone and without that the operator be aware of that sending of the messages via SMS.

To avoid this security error what we recommend is that you go to the settings of the mobile, enttres in the applications section and go into the Messages application. Once there, go to “options”, tap on “Uninstall updates” or disable the messages application Samsung.

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