Some secrets about the creation of sounds for the film. By getting to know them, you’re going to look at the films of another way

We introduced them to Stefan Fraticelli. He lives in Canada and is among the lucky ones, whose work can be envied. You have an ear acute, and a great imagination, so that this good man is a designer of sound, that is to say, the one that makes the creaking of doors, the rustle of leaves, and even a slight breeze of the wind sound from the screen so clear and realistic.

For more than 15 years, his recording studio Oddio Studio work for films, tv series, and video games, including “Silent Hill”, “(500) days with her”, “The bright side of life” and “Runaway”. has found the Instagram of Stefan and invites you to observe with us the fascinating process of making sounds.

For a start, the sound designer is a participant and is indispensable in the post-production. You must be very attentive and notice every movement of the characters. Sometimes it is enough to repeat what the actor does, for example, brushing teeth or biting into an apple.

But not all the sounds are so easy to produce. To repeat the noise made by a woman on the screen, one has to be cunning: style a wig with a brush, hitting the table with false nails or go through the study with high heels.

The study of Stefan is full of all sorts of accessories. To record something as trivial as a sound from a phone, it is important to have available different devices to choose from.

Of course, on the Internet one can find many of the sounds ready-to-use. But a professional designer has recourse to such databases very rarely. This is explained because everything can’t sound the same. “Even a noise so simple, with the sound of a plate breaking on the floor depends on several factors: the characteristics of the object, the surface of the soil, the speed with which you throw it away, etc, And in general, it is easier to throw the dishes you want, look for the correct sound in the library”, — writes Stefan in his account of instagram.

Incidentally, hitting with the palm of the hand different surfaces it produces a unique sound.

One of the most interesting moments in the work of a sound designer is the creation of sounds atypical. Here Stefan you have to be especially creative. For example How to transmit the tremor of the wings of a fairy floating in the air?

Stefan, are often involved in the sound design of horror films, and therefore has elements to scenes more strange. When you see a zombie on the screen eating human flesh, what’s more likely is that behind the scenes someone chew on a cabbage and chicken.

In general, sound designers often use staples such in their work. For example, the paste is an ideal product for tranmitir a crunch of bones. And if the kitchens and add ketchup, then can be represented very naturally how gushing blood.

Sound designers are constantly experimenting with textures, looking for a correspondence between the actual sound of the object and the form in which it is converted in the recording. Sometimes, a single element is not sufficient to call the attention of the viewer about what filmmakers need. Stefan cleverly combines the casqueteo, jingle of spurs and at the end you get a complete picture of a galloping horse.

But the best part of the work of Stefan, in our opinion, it is a constant movement. Splash around in a swimming pool for children: it is not the same as sitting in an office behind a computer!

The own Stefan admits that he loves to create sound effects, because it is not only creative, but also fun. Just imagine how much effort you put to not laugh, kissing the hand, while the screen is full of scenes that are romantic.

You can talk non-stop about what makes Stefan. All of our editorial staff is delighted with their work!

Do you know how to create the sounds in the film or was it a news to you? He says, we’ll be happy to know your opinion!

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