All the new features in Android P

Although still only a few smartphones on Android O run, later this year another new version of Android for the door. Google is currently working with man and power to Android P, and in this article we set out the key new features for you in a row.

Android P – Name and release date

Android P is the ninth version of Android and the nickname is at the time of writing still not known. Almost certainly it has something to do with a delicacy, after earlier o.a. Android kit kat, Lollipop, Marshmallow, Nougat and Oreo. Google seems to hint at Popsicle (ice cream), or different Pineapple (ananas). Time will tell.

Presumably launches Android in the third quarter of 2018. The OS comes first for phones Google itself, the Pixel-line. Then, it often takes few months for other phones the update, although this process by the arrival of Project Treble, in theory, easier.

What’s new in Android P?

Improved notifications Again the notification system of Android on the shovel. Now you can read more information off of your smartphone notifications, such as the first lines of an e-mail. It is also possible to direct an automatic response to send back. Or the AI of Google this invent – such as Smart Reply, or that app developers, they decide, is still wait and see.

Notch support – Since the iPhone X will come more and more smartphones with a ‘notch’ in the middle of the screen. This notch provides a place for o.a. the selfiecamera and/or a speaker, while the screen around it. Manufacturers of Android devices copy this diligently, and Google is going with Android P to ensure that the operating system for this purpose is optimized. In order for everything to look neat continues to see and there for example, not just icons disappearing.

Faster operation – For now still a rumor, but it seems that Google is the well-known navigation bar at the bottom of the screen are going to simplify. The multitask button on the right side disappears, and the back-button on the left side can hide. The result is a single home button in the middle, with swipes to operate. Recent apps than, for example, to call up, to swipe.

More privacy – Many people are rightfully concerned about apps that secretly listen in. Therefore, this from Android P, not more. As soon as your phone is in standby mode or a specific app is not actively used, it is not the microphone or camera of you device abuse.

Clear settings – The settings screen of Android is always fuller, and in order to keep the overview is this menu in a new twist. Recommended settings are at the top brought to the attention, and the ‘quick settings’ (such as wi-fi and bluetooth) get a makeover with cleaner icons. The volume bar moves from the top to the right side of the screen, where your device is also easier to be silent.

Google Maps for indoor use – Android P provides support for the 802.11 mc wi-fi, a new protocol that is specifically intended for determining the location within a building. You could therefore, for example, on Google Maps easier you find at an airport, a hospital or a shopping mall.

Screenshots editing – Android P has a built-in tool for editing screenshots under the name Markup. You can screenshots and photos of notes, and annotate, and then share. Don’t expect extensive features that Photoshop should match, see it as a cool extra. Here you can read more about it on the site of the Computer!Total.

Multiple cameras at the same time, Smartphones are each time more often with a dual camera equipped. For more possibilities, supports Android P control two cameras at the same time. What you in fact can expect, it is still wait and see.

This article is supplemented as we have more information.

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