Amazon may sell medicines thanks to Alexa

The virtual assistant for Amazon, Alexa, is a great tool that thousands of people use in their day-to-day to comply with a variety of activities because it reminds them of certain things, however, could now expand their horizons to detect if a user is sick.

Agree with the last patent that Amazon has registered, this might be true, as it is planned that a new technology arrives to Alexa so that it can detect if the person is sick and it’s all thanks to the voice.

The patent in question bears the name of Determination of characteristics of emotional and physical of the users based on the voice, and that means that through an analysis will be detected if users are being affected by a virus.

For a person it is easy to know if someone is sick, but for Alexa is not that much, so she would listen to the hues that have the voice, which may vary when one is suffering from cold or cough.

The latter may be found by the new technology thanks to the symptoms that gradually introduce the user, which can be from coughing constantly, have a sore throat and therefore, the voice sound more serious or to be sneezing a lot.

Based on this, Alexa will be able to recommend some type of medication that prevents the discomforts continue to either calming down or off completely, plus they may bring them to the door of the home in a short time.

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In this way it is as it interferes Amazon, because with their service you will be able to send the objects as soon as you need to, which means that you can have an immediate solution before the situation is put to worse, in this case, the disease will evolve and no longer be able to talk without pain.

Only time will tell if the patent is held or will be stored in the closet until you decide to take it out to the light to begin to implement it.

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