Amazon and Banorte launch debit card in Mexico

Today, Amazon Mexico announced the launch of its new reloadable debit cards in partnership with Banorte and MasterCard, which goes by the name Amazon Rechargeable battery, which can be requested from the day of today instantly from the web page of Amazon.

Amazon stressed that the debit card has no fee for filing, and also not charge any commission for the handling of the account or minimum balance, so that no customer is obliged to perform any charging month to month, or purchase minimum for not losing the card or to avoid charges cumbersome.


The advantages of this card are like any other banking institution, so you’ll be able to use the card Amazon Rechargeable to shopping on-line shops and physical, as well as withdraw cash from atms and to make bank transfers from Banorte Mobile.

Likewise, you can recharge balance in more than 25,000 locations throughout the country, including those most popular such as OXXO, Pharmacy Savings, Telecomm, 7-Eleven and Farmacias Guadalajara.

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The only requirements that must be met to apply the card is to have at least 18 years of age, have a CURP valid as a resident of Mexico and not have a debit card of level 2 with Banorte, that is to say, all those which do not allow the limit of deposits in excess of 3,000 UDI’s (Investment Units), that is to say, about 18,000 MXN approximately per month, which means that the Amazon Reloadable card is a card of level 2.

Fernando Ramirez, Product Manager of Amazon Mexico mentioned the following:

“Customers who do not have a credit or debit card will find it on Amazon
Rechargeable a easy way and practice of converting your cash in a payment method to access the millions of products we have on Amazon and other online services. Customers will be able to use your card Amazon Rechargeable to buy on Amazon, subscribing to Amazon Prime and pay for online services of music, video, and transport or to buy a coffee at your favorite place”.

How to apply for the new card Amazon Rechargeable?

To be able to get the new debit card Amazon and Banorte will have to do the following:

  • Enter the following link “Amazon Rechargeable
  • Thereafter we must select the option that says “Apply now”

Amazon Recargable

  • We fill the required data and ready.

amazon recargable 2

After the conclusion of the process we have to wait a couple of seconds to see if we are approved for this card, so after receiving a number of virtual card, which will serve to deposit money and make transactions.

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It is important to mention that after depositing $500 MXN or more in our account, then Amazon will send a physical card personalized to your home at no cost.

Have you already ordered your card?, what do you think of this new release from Amazon and Banorte?

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