Analysis of the cameras Netatmo Welcome and Presence (Video)

The new frontier of the consumer electronics has two clear objectives: our houses and our cars. Netatmo is one of the first companies focused on providing solutions in our area more private. The Netatmo Welcome and the Presence are two clear examples of things well thought out which will be the embryo of new solutions, which inevitably will flood our homes.

The concept is clear: fixed cameras with internet connection to treat the images; from here, an application allows us to manage the processes to take full advantage.

Its main feature is the facial recognition. Once the work of initial identification is done the rest of processes are carried out automatically.

The model of the interior, the Welcome, has settings right to know who and what time you have come to the house. To know when they have left it is more complicated, the action is done back to the door and now can not recognize chaplets. Not lack the capacity to remotely access, in almost real time (there is a small lag of seconds) to see and listen to what happens in the hall or retrieve the automatic recordings that are performed when motion is detected.

In the case of the older sister, the Presence, the recognition extends to pets and cars. The idea is to control the traffic through the garden or the carriage entrance in a detached house. Is accompanied by a powerful LED light that can be set up equally.

In short, a good product well finished and useful. With an application that can improve and functionality correct. It’s not going to change the way of life of the people but will resolve concerns of the day-to-day. Yes, I noticed that it can be very addictive. Gossip, even if it’s your own home, is a temptation that will be from now to a only touch screen.

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