Analysis of the clock Samsung Gear S3 Classic: a good smart watch to anyone who wants one (Video)

Ago as two and a half years ago we tested the LG G Watch, which was one of the first watches smart that they went out to the market equipped with Android Wear. It has rained a lot since then, but the truth is that I had not gone to have one on the wrist until a few days ago that Samsung lent us their Gear S3 Classic. Will there be advanced much technology in this time, or these watches continue to serve only to take out the mobile from the pocket when we get notifications? We’re going to see.

The box is round, with the clock in the first term, the base load, and beneath it all the instructions that nobody reads, a second strap, and charger in a bag. All very careful. The first thing that jumps to the eye is that it is a nice watch, but huge. It is round, like it’s supposed to be a clock, and in addition to a touch screen has several controls analog: two buttons and the bezel, which can rotate to control very efficient and comfortable user interface of the watch, a point differential of watches from Samsung, however, seems to have been taken directly from the first iPod. The watch feels heavy on the wrist because it is very large, although perhaps any male iberian, which will undoubtedly have a wrist thicker than mine, not find it a problem.

The cause of the size and the weight may be in the use of stainless steel and its battery 380 milliamps, which allow you to use it between 3 or 4 days, which is certainly a great improvement compared to the first watches that are smart. It takes a little more than two hours to charge, but as, among other things, measures the sleep, perhaps the advisable thing is not to leave it for the night charging but at times loose, as the shower or when we are watching tv. The strap is the standard size of 22 mm, so that we can buy that we like at any store. Charging wirelessly very comfortably with their base magnetic. The screen is 1.3 inches, with good resolution and looks good on the exterior, which is perhaps the most important in the display of a clock. My main complaint with it is that it does not respond well to the movements of the wrist to turn on the screen, forcing a button press to see the time most of the time.

We’re going with the software. Instead of Android Wear, Samsung has opted for a proprietary operating system, Tizen, which allows you to play, among other things, an interface own highly optimized and designed to be operated very comfortably with the physical controls even more than with the touch screen. If we turn the wheel to the left you can see the notifications, both on its own mobile as well as, while to the right we will be able to initiate actions or to consult other data such as the time, the agenda or the altimeter, which however I do not fiaría too because in Edinburgh assured me that it was about 50 meters below the sea level and was not diving, it’s too cold and also, even though the Gear S3 resists water and dust, we can not submerge more than a meter and a half.

Pressing the start button, go to apps, which include a phone. Because yes, friends, finally we can talk through the watch like Michael Knight with the fantastic car, and if there is not much background noise is heard perfectly. I do not advise to do it in the street, yes, unless you want to die of shame. The problem is that there are not many apps to choose from, and that is the Achilles heel of having chosen Tizen. Or Facebook or Twitter or Whatsapp: apps most well-known available are Spotify and Flipboard. So the notifications will be notified, but we will not be able to do anything with them. Nothing to reply to messages by speaking, for example, among other things because the voice recognition is appalling.

Although it is expected that the best mobile to use with the Gear S3 is a Samsung, not working bad with other Android, and I’ve tried a couple. The main problem is that we will have to settle a bunch of apps from Samsung to boot. If in addition we want to make a follow-up, for example, of the health data (sleep, steps, heart beats, etc) you will have to get a Samsung account. The only thing that I’ve missed is Samsung Pay, which theoretically allows us to pay with the watch, but I have not found a way to activate without a compatible mobile. But how does it work with the iPhone? To see what we account Juanma, who has one:

Samsung Gear S3 Classic and the Apple iWatch

The Galaxy S3 from Samsung is a great watch. And that may be the problem. Let Me explain. In the world of the Smart watch seems to have two tendencies: the one that tries to design a classic timepiece with advanced features and tries to make a personal device located in the wrist. Samsung opted for the first option, and the Apple represents the second.

But we make a little history. On April 11, 2012 in Kickstarter began the funding of a new project: the Pebble. Got 10.3 million dollars and became the most funded of the story. Supposed to be the first watch with a proposal that would come true the old dream of having something more than a calculator on the wrist.

In September 2013, Samsung took out the first Gear. With a Google operating system especially for this type of devices and an aesthetic, a little neat, almost improvised. It seemed to follow the line of the Pebble. After this presentation all the brands ran out to get his own version of the smart watch. In the meantime, anticipation grew around the Apple. But it was not until April 24, 2015 for the cards to be put on the table. All the actors had begun the work, but the function promised to be long.

And we come to the launch of the Gear S3, where, as I said in the first lines, Samsung has decided definitely for making watches. As for the whole life. Caring, nice and with an operating system away from Google to grow in the right direction. It is easy and intuitive and has functions and applications that begin to be practical and usable. With a crown, which seeks to position itself as an interactive method of navigation, the guide S3 makes clear its proposal: a clock, which is invented to tell the time, but very smart.

This is the bet that is shaping up to be Samsung’s undoing in the footsteps of his first Gear. Perhaps it is the only gap that has left Apple after his 12 million watches sold. Don’t seem many compared with the iPhone, but account for more than half of the smart watch acquired from all over the world.
The market and time will tell whether the users of conventional watch may want to the long run functions smart or is an accessory that will soon go out of fashion. We’ll see.”


The Gear S3 can be connected by wifi and has GPS itself, something that appreciate bikers and mountaineers, even though the truth is that there is also the lack of apps is makes you feel. No, there is Google Maps, and the possible replacements that I’ve tried do not seem to go very well. And although the various sensors to monitor our health work well, do not forget that this watch costs 400 euros and we can buy a wristband smart for less than 50 that also do it. Which brings us to the essential question: is it really worth it?

Without doubt the technology of smart watches has improved a lot since two and half years ago prove the first. And Samsung has done an excellent job with this Gear S3 in a matter of design, functionality and comfort of use, even if you ballast the lack of quality applications. The problem is that it remains unclear for which purpose we want a smart watch, because at the end if we are not very sportsmen use it to view notifications without taking out the mobile from your pocket, and if what we are does not seem to bring much more than any bracelet. So possibly the Gear S3 is one of the best, and most expensive, options if you want a smart watch, but what I am not clear is why we would want to have one.

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