Analysis ‘Football Manager 2019’: a year of small improvements

Football Manager 2019, game, which as deducirás, we will review in depth in this article, bears the signature of Sports Interactive and the seal of the publication of SEGA since 2004, but in addition to a simulator of football, first of all it is an institution, especially in the face of the europeans. The series, from their most tender infancy, has been renewing the appointment with the lovers of the football without interruption for years. Often re-propose the same offer, enriched only by the templates updates and the addition of some small feature. Despite that, it enjoys the favor general public, who season after season has allowed the development team to continue their work.

The loyalty of its followers is not a minor issue taking into account the speed at which they advance their most direct competitors. The clearest example is found in the mobile environment, in fact, gender has been colonized by a large number of applications and games entirely devoted to the market and universe of the football, most of them without cost to be able to play. Then what encourages the players to scratch the pocket every season in a title like Football Manager? We try to find out all this and much more in the next few lines.

A classic of its kind

Possibly elements very present in the franchise, such as the depth and the integrity of the simulation system are important values to keep in touch systematic with the series which, this year, enriching the whole through a battery of successful new developments and more support for new players. In this sense, despite the fact that the game experience remains essentially the same that we’re used to, Sports Interactive has worked on some of the variables that make it more accessible and understandable for the novice, as well as more comfortable for the veteran players.

To begin our new careers as coaches, the game asks us nothing more to begin a face and a figure, which of course will be the head of the bench. As is customary, this feature can be customized through the editor, which is also responsible for the preferences in terms of game play and tactics. The choice of these values is important, because it affects directly the technical skills of the coach. In this sense, it is possible to enhance the capacity of different departments, manage the locker room, even the social skills that have to do with the relationships with companies, supporters and players. Once completed, the portrait of our alter ego, we find ourselves in a position to choose a place to start. With more than 2,500 clubs, the hardest decisions will be choosing where to start your career.

Thanks to that we have redesigned the section dedicated to the workouts and the tactics, the initiations multiplied the potential of the players. At the start of a new game it is possible to indicate your experience in the series, which will determine whether you participate in the initiation of the start of your career. As is usual, Football Manager 2019 presents a vast array of championships and categories. You can literally train any team in the world and here is the first novelty of the new year: Sports Interactive has reached an agreement with the German Bundesliga and, finally, the formations the germans no longer have to comply with fictitious names or shields invented. We, as could not be otherwise, we have selected a modest Marbella of the Group 4 Second Division B, to begin our journey as coaches from a team discreet.

New modes, new image, same forms

Football Manager has never been a series that I could define as visually striking, at least in general lines. The deep realism in which it has been installed this sports simulator has forced its leaders to sacrifice the beauty and adornment is aesthetic in favor of the artificial intelligence, statistics, names, tactics, percentages, and any other item that can be catalogued. In this sense, the latest installment of the brand is absolutely more eye-catching thanks to a new stylization especially focused on the further streamlining of the game experience. But, there are more things in FM19 for less experienced users, in particular the new system of “induction of managers”, which acts as a tutorial system that allows beginners to settle without having to leave the saved game. Veterans can also take advantage of the system of induction to find the new and updated features of this season.

And this is the interface after you’ve done it more simple and intuitive… | Sports Interactive

The menus and subcategories are displayed clear and legible, while the interface is more intuitive and simple to manage. The newcomers, in addition, have a system of tutorials, revised and more complete than ever, with lessons able to explain step by step the most important tasks of a technician: training, tactics, nursing, and exploration of markets are just some of the commitments that will keep us occupied between one party and another. Here, jump into the field of play will be the last of your problems. The burden of work should be followed meticulously, even following the step-by-step to each athlete. This powered system that is dedicated to the tutorials explains all the steps clearly and without complications, helping the player (not only to the novice) to understand the key actions and ins and outs, tactical game.

One of the most important tasks as a manager is the management of the training. As you can imagine, here you’ll choose the position for each individual player, you will discover who is in shape and who need a specific preparation to avoid any injury that may aggravate your condition. Each training session is divided even in ten different areas, which are selected according to the needs of the moment. There are aspects of the job more fun, as the exploration of the transfer market, which can literally make us lose hours between the reports of the observers in charge of finding hidden talents in the never-ending database of the title or fighting for the purchase of any player. The tactic, on the contrary, is still a matter professional. Here, if the experience seems to us too hard and demanding, we can also delegate to the second in command and directly choose the tactics predefined among the most famous in world football, from the gegenpress and the catenaccio to the famous tikitaka.

However, decision-making, as it is predictable, it always has consequences. For this reason, the hierarchy of the team is your natural enemy: your position depends on your decisions. And yours as well, because you can control the morale of the players and the cohesion of the group, keeping morale high, to control the psychological aspect of the players and, above all, to conquer the most charismatic of the dress and thus ensure the favour of the president’s circle, an excellent way of ensuring a moral high and make everyone follow the instructions exactly.

The show begins

The time came to move the ball. After hours devoted to the thorough preparation of the team for a match, finally the time comes to go out in the field. In addition to the relevant orders during the 90 minutes, before the meeting, you can also motivate the team, give instructions to the players to be aggressive, point to the possession intransigent of the ball or give new instructions to the goalkeeper. Each word pronounced and depending on the tone in which he says, athletes will react differently and this will give us a first indication of the attitude of the formation in the rectangle of play. In summary, the range of possibilities is so broad as to allow a complete control of the computer.

The polygon three-dimensional, as usual, cannot be considered to be the most powerful of the franchise. But have taken relevant steps forward in this regard. Something that is immediately noticeable is the new look of the game, which combines a more clean with a certain air of familiarity. The combination of the updated user interface, and the new induction system managers not only provide the best aspect of the game to date, but also the most easy to use and play. These changes are even more significant in two modules: tactics and training. Both have experienced small, but important changes aimed at all types of users regardless of their level of experience with the game.

The controversies grow with the VAR

Football Manager 2019 , incorporates the two elements of video technology that are used in the real world. The first is the system of videoarbitraje or VAR, that will be added to competitions that use it. There are two types of VAR: one in which the referee uses a tv located next to the field to study the initial decision, and another in which the referee communicates with the assistants of videoarbitraje by means of a headset. Once more, the type of VAR used will depend on the use in real life competition. It also adds the technology of the goal line. As a VAR, it will appear in the competitions where the use of this technology in reality. The technology of the goal line shows a replay from a top-down perspective that picks up if the ball crossed or not the line, along with the pertinent comments confirming the above.

Both the VAR as the technology of the goal line will have impact outside of the games. In the press conferences later would arise questions related to the use of these technologies. The plays controversy will appear in the chronicles of the matches and in the social networks. These technologies generate as much debate in the games as in the real world. To this regard have been replaced more than 500 animations. For example, animations, ball control, game changes, shots of the head, passes, shots, tickets, some celebrations, and even movements of the public.

The latest effort from Sports Interactive, however, is not based on the plastic look. The development team, in an attempt to rejuvenate the entertainment, for some time has introduced a few game modes that also appear in this chapter. The first is the creation of a team from scratch. You can decide virtually any initial parameter for what concerns the players and launching the conquest of the championship chosen. The Fantasy Draft is more than a type of football fantasy lets you build your own combo and participate in tournaments closed, even against friends. Finally, can not miss the classic “career online” which you can start in your own room or to participate in other sessions with your team.


The new line of Football Manager proposes a formula more game accurate and easy to understand, something that has enabled the development team to keep the entire depth of the series, while streamlining and making more natural the interface, check the game system, to strengthen until the end of the tutorials and add new elements to the amount deluge of content that has always characterized the series. The old guard will appreciate the new ingredients chosen for the recipe of Football Manager 2019, already the first.

Newcomers or returnees will find under the surface is more clarity, depth, renewed, new features associated with the training, playing tactics, and roles on the field, the introduction of the VAR, the goal line technology, and many other small improvements that make us understand why Football Manager will continue as the maximum ruler between managers sports for a long time. In summary, if you don’t control a lot about the game, but you want to throw yourself fully into this challenge, no problem, not to be disappointed. If you are a faithful follower, this year you will really appreciate the news and the rejuvenating treatment used to modernize the simulator.

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