Android 9 Foot premiere more than 150 new emojis

A couple of days ago, it was announced with fanfare the arrival of Android 9 Foot, a new version of the operating system of Google, which will come with many new features that will make users really satisfied.

Part of these developments are the fact of the battery, which will have a machine learning (Adaptive Battery) to know what are the apps that are most frequently used and which are not, so stop the operation of the latter, everything to optimize the battery of your device.

Other functions will be the navigation by gestures, the control tools use to find out how many minutes or hours it is happening in an application and a timer that will help you determine that it has already invested too much time in her different roles in the wizard of voice, and of course, a number of new emojis corresponding to the version Emoji 11.0.

The emojis will help to improve the text messages and WhatsApp to be able to send, because it will count with an impressive variety of them, ranging from people bald, with afro hair, superheroes and supervillanos, different parts of the body such as the feet and legs, as well as teeth and bones.

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Also, there will be more and better dishes of food and desserts, terrestrial and marine animals from different regions with flora and fauna, accessories that can be used both at home and in a laboratory (brooms, threads for sewing, magnets, goggles to protect the eyes, white robes, etc) and many others that can expand the illustration of ideas.

157 icons were approved by Unicode, so it will be that you will have a high quality that took the former, since now I wanted to give a sense of realism, because now, they took care that everything was provided and not devoid of sense, with eyes, eyebrows or heads bigger than they should be. and Partners.

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