Android P will integrate the gesture navigation in the purest style of the iPhone X

At this time Google is working on a new version of Android, which corresponds to Android P, thus at the moment we do not know if it will be the number of version 8.2 or 9.0, but due to the fact that the Developer Preview is already available for developers, we have discovered interesting things, and one of them is the famous gesture navigation, which could be very similar to the iPhone X.

This is not the first time that they were speaking of this feature, but it is the first time that we have a strong proof on the part of Google, because it leaked a screenshot that shows a new function of Android P, which is a DNS over TLS, something that surely is not in the interest of the majority, and is that in fact the function as such is not so interesting, but what we see on the screen.

As we can see, the navigation bar is not the same that we see in the other versions of Android, as it has not appeared neither the “home” button, nor the “multi-tasking”, and in the center a bar appears elongated similar to the one that Apple implemented in the iPhone X.

Let us also remember that some of the functions of the version for developers of Android don’t end up jumping in the final version, so that will have to wait to see if Google will launch this feature in Android P Android or Q.

Google releases Android P and these are just some of its new products

Unfortunately no more details of this navigation bar, but something that seems to be possible is that this could be a unique feature of the Google Pixel, in fact, with Android P Google will adapt the screens to the famous “notch” or notches, and many are thinking that the Google Pixel 3 could be much more like the iPhone X what we believe.

It is likely that in the coming months to begin to filter information on the Pixel 3, which could be presented between August and October, and is expected to come with interesting developments in the camera, and a screen to match its competitors.

Do you think that the Pixel 3 is very similar to the iPhone X?