Android Foot Beta for Galaxy S9 is coming this month, but only in some countries

Samsung continues to take steps towards the arrival of Android Foot for its latest mobile devices, the Galaxy S9 and S9+, and during the developers conference in San Francisco announced that this month will be available to your program called One UI, which is nothing less than the Beta of the newest Operating System from Google.

Linux on DeX is already available in Beta for public download

As announced in the site of Samsung Members, the Beta will arrive in November of 2018, while it was also confirmed that the Android Pie will be available in January 2019, as had been rumored. The only problem is that no Latin american country is on the list of the lucky ones who will be able to test this sophisticated and efficient operating system.

According to the site, the list make up the united States through Samsung+, and Germany, Korea, China, France, India, Poland, Spain and the United Kingdom with precisely the program of Samsung Members.

The registration for anyone interested in trying out the beta and help Samsung to fine-tune the Android experience Stand on their devices is already open and is extremely easy to use, although you must remember that you can only download in the Galaxy S9 and S9+.

To register it is only necessary to use the app of Samsung Members and in the section of “Notices” to select the option One IU Beta Program Registration”. After be pending in your phone in “Settings” and “software Updates” to perform a manual download.

In the united States, it is the same process, but in the App of Samsung+.

In Mexico and many other countries will have to be patient, although we will be very outstanding when you can get this Beta version to the users of the Latin american region. and Partners.

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