Android Wear gets new name’

Google seems to be a new name to consider for its smartwatch operating system Android Wear. Possible this soon by the Wear OS.

The new name was spotted by a Reddit user that a beta version on his watch installed. In addition to a different naming convention is the logo on the kick is gone. That is currently the form of a watch, but in the new logo is clearly a W shown. The colors correspond to other Google services, like Google Assistant.

On Android

Probably want to Google on the Android named as Android Wear-watches also to iPhones to link, though the features than what are more limited. So smartwatch not connecting to the default messaging app of iOS. Incidentally, it seems the new name is also very much on the operating system of the Apple Watch: watchOS.

Perhaps the name change as soon as Android P launches. But seen nothing yet officially unveiled, it remains that for the time being guess.

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