Android Wear could disappear, Google prepares changes to compete against the Apple Watch

According to some rumors coming from the united States, one of the greatest innovations will be in the Google I/O 2018 will be about Android Wear, or better said Wear OS, since Google could change the name of your operating system for watches smart with the apparent need to strengthen its ecosystem and gain market share to the Apple Watch.


And it is that of all the software products that are derivatives of Android that Google has on the market, none is as important and successful as the operating system for smartphones, and that is despite the fact that the smartwatch are not as popular as they wanted to the manufacturers, Apple is the only company that can boast of good sales of its smart watch known as Apple Watch, while Google wants to change the story in the near future.

Remember that this will be the third year that we know of the new family of devices Made by Google, and it is expected that the brand show for the first time a Pixel Watch, because it is one of the products that are missing to Google to have an ecosystem more complete, because you already have your speaker, smartphone, computer and smartphone, but do not yet have a product with which to compete directly with the Apple Watch and the iPad.

The Pixel Watch could be the product you start taking popularity in the market of smartwatch with Android, and this could be the reason why Google has decided to change the name of your operating system for the Wear OS, which has many similarities with Apple’s operating system for wearables known as watchOS.

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A few weeks ago, Google also took a similar decision with Android Pay, which will no longer be called so for now be submitted as a Google Pay, a change that will no doubt help that the Google service can be used even in Apple products and other devices that do not use Android.

With Wear YOU could begin a series of changes that Google wants to give life again to their operating system for wearables, because even the logo has undergone some changes, since now the shape of a W with the traditional colors of Google, so we can expect many more new features during the Google I/O 2018 that will be held in the month of May, and where the team Unocero will be present to bring you all the coverage of the event.

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