Before you go to the hairdresser, look at these 9 hairstyles that are already outdated

“Even the best hair cut should be renewed. Sooner or later, your boyfriend is immune to this, as bacteria to penicillin”, he explained once the Polish writer Janina Ipohorska. Really, always wear the same hairstyle for years, even if you have left very well and you’ve gotten used to it, it gets boring. Fashion is renewed every season and, although it is impossible to follow all the trends, sometimes it is worthwhile to pay attention to the advice of stylists, and to get rid of a hair cut that already went out of style long ago and only just adding years to your appearance. compiled for you the main “antitendencias” in the world of hairstyles and antidotes to these: styles and hair cuts that look modern and relevant today. Thanks to them, you’ll look really good.

1. Step cutting on long hair

The cut in several layers already went out of style long ago. Too many steps short in front is an idea the less unfortunate: because of them, the chin, visually, it takes the form of the letter “V”, which nobody is well.

“This hair cut is what I advise to my customers”, argues the stylist american Jenna Mast. “You get a cut that you can style with a single variant. There is nothing sensual and also adds length or volume to your hair. Oh forget it!”.

With what to replace it with. With a cut bob or lob (bob elongated) with layers of soft and light without a straight cut. The steps need to create that feeling of lightness and small oversight, without seeming to be perfectly uniform. If you want to give a touch of live to the long hair, opt for a waterfall, soft , or simply take a few strands shorter on the face and below, not necessarily of the same length. Do not cut all of the hair in front of layers.

2. One side shaved

Makes some seasons, hundreds of fashion-loving the look of temples and/or neck skinheads, and the most daring were totally shave one side of the head, leaving the hair long on the other. “This option will be good only to the women rebels, who have their own creative style or women with athletic body. This court makes the faces with masculine traits and a bulky chin, still more rude”, says the stylist american Moulay Yacoubi. And warns that, in order to maintain the shape of this cut, you will need to visit the hairdresser every four weeks, and when you get tired of it, you will need a great deal of time and patience to grow the hair in the area shaved.

With what to replace it with. If you want something daring, you can shave a small area of hair on the side or from behind, always so that you can cover it easily with most of the hair. All kinds of variations on the pixie cut remain current and be seen with a lot of style

3. Mullet invested

The mullet (“mullet” in English, a kind of fish) was a hair cut mega popular in the 70s and 80s, when the hair in front and on the sides is cut short while behind remains long. In the decade of the 2000s, it became popular your version reverse: head and crown with short hair and a long fringe in front. This hairstyle looked great on Justin Bieber in his early years of youth, but few women are left well and requires a high professional level to make it perfect.

“A short haircut must be carefully chosen according to your face type and the structure of the hair, which can require many tests and errors in the process. The problem of the tellum (mullet invested) lies in the fact that is not well balanced. The top short you need a ton of lacquer to be fixed and, in front, hangs a fringe too long”, hits Guy Riggio, a stylist from Los Angeles.

With what to replace it with. Between hair cuts, hair shorts are still dominating trends the pixie , and to what garçon. Women more daring who follow the fashion may wish to try a buzz ultra. But remember that any hairstyle very short leaves the face uncovered, highlighting all of their features and the condition of the skin.

4. Hair cut multiple layers with the tips out

Since the last time that the tips are textured and hairstyles towards the outside, were out of fashion already 20 years have passed. Each day, combing the many thin layers is a pleasure at least questionable. This court does not add anything, except for age and headaches. In addition, in order to achieve the necessary volume, you have to have curls thick and dense. The hair is fine and thin with this kind of hairstyle looks very sad.

With what to replace it with. “Don’t take yourself too seriously, the hairstyle ends”, says Kevin Mancuso, a renowned stylist in New York city. “They have to get up slightly and not gain flying”. If your tips, by your account, they insist on buckling outward, you can try the hairstyle wet the hair stylist Jen Atkin applied to the hair of Bella Hadid. Also look great the modern variants of the cutting shag and bob, with tips slightly dishevelled. Remember: a resounding “no” to a large number of layers short protruding outward, and a “yes” an explicit the naturalness and softness.

5. Carré grown

“A between-combed”, so called stylist Jenna Mast to the hair grown without form. There is a carré, or wearing long hair, but something “between” both, they are simply strands hanging without any style. This hairstyle just will age and will be boring even to a young woman.

With what to replace it with. “Speak with your hairdresser and decide what style you want to wear,” advises Jenna Mast. For your head look neat, the hair needs to acquire a form. If you decide to let your hair grow out, opt for one of the options modern hairstyle lob, so that the transition of the average length of the long hair to be beautiful and elegant.

6. Slivers of contrast

“Light stripes that are highlighted by the contrast with the hair, as it had Britney Spears at the beginning of his career, are already out of date. Modern trends require more and more natural and soft color changes”, reminds the colorist of New York, Kali Ferrara.

With what to replace it with. To get a tone more natural, do not forget to give a touch of color to your hair after to make the wicks. The modern techniques of colouring allow you to get a color clear multi-faceted. For example, the mechas balayage look very good with the hair cuts in cascade, with the technique of babylights is clarified only a portion of the hair, usually around the face; and the mechas ombré and sombré are still popular (but not contrast between colors). You can find more information about the various techniques of staining and its peculiarities here.

7. Hair cut short with a small tail behind

This hairstyle is also called in some places “in the style of Carol Brady” in honor of the heroine of the popular american television series of the decade of the 70’s. Different variations of this cut were fashionable for many years, but have now fallen into oblivion. “One of the biggest advantages of a hairstyle with short hair is that it opens a beautiful female neck. So a small tail behind it is completely unnecessary”, says Jon Reyman.

With what to replace it with. “If you cut your hair, then go to the end. Cut the queue, show your neck,” suggests Jon. Choose a hair cut that you like and forward.

8. Dye two colors

“We remember this trend is strange: a strong contrast between the light hair and the dark. But is now out of date. Much more elegant it will look a soft transition between colors”, writes the editor of a fashion magazine, Rachel Krause.

With what to replace it with. Apply one of the colouring techniques modern to get smooth transitions between the tones. If you like to call, the attention, the striking colors will help you. The paint colour is still in fashion, and here the contrast only will play to your favor.

9. In “V” or spike

If you have long hair, do not forget to cut the tips to time. The grown hair that form a V behind it looks sloppy. “It’s like trying to keep as much length as possible at any price. Not worth doing it. The idea, the longer your hair, the more beautiful and sensuous it is, it is no longer relevant, and less evil!”, accurate the stylist Jon Reyman.

With what to replace it with. With a straight cut or slightly rounded on the sides. If the hair is thick and heavy, Reyman recommended to make several interior layers short for that hairstyle to look more lightweight and bulky. “With the help of layers and textures, adds movement to your hair. The hair heavy and immobile you get older. Find a good hairdresser to remove the excess of heaviness in the necessary areas. A hair cut right there will make your hair seem more thin, only will provide softness and movement.”

What hairstyles, styles, and dyes you prefer?

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