Before his last flight, this captain gave the passengers a touching letter of farewell

“This is my last flight”. With these words begins a letter that was given to the passengers of a flight Los Angeles — Dallas. But don’t worry: nothing terrible happened. That was how captain Jeff Rowland ended up taking a well deserved rest after 33 years of hard work in the air and enjoying the sky. read the letter of captain Rowland, and has not been able to remain indifferent to her, as happened to the majority of the passengers that were on that Boeing.

The message was shared on her account Twitterpor the journalist Sam Farmer, who was on the same flight. Agreó to him that the family of the captain was traveling on that journey of saying goodbye with the man: they were sitting in first class and the cabin was decorated with balloons. Upon landing in Dallas, the plane was received with all the honors, placing in the track of a bow with water cannons, under the which passed solemnly.

This is what the captain Rowland left for posterity in his farewell letter:

“33 years, more than 10,000 flights, 2 million passengers, more than 30 million gallons of aviation fuel and 28,000 hours in the air. Today, I am incredibly proud to be a part of their lives. Like many years ago, when I did my first flight in the new Boeing 727 as an engineer”.

The captain then showed his thanks also to American Airlines for its career and joked that the only “error” that committed the company was to pay a salary for a job that he could have done even for free.

But, above all, Jeff wanted to show his gratitude to the travellers:

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart! To be a professional pilot has been a great experience. Of course, I’m going to miss the flight in this Boeing 787 of 200 million USD. But, above all, I will miss you, dear passengers. Take them to their destinations throughout the world, while you, nobly, tolerated my awkward appeal of captain, criticizing every landing, and I appreciated that it was a trip completed safely. This is what has given meaning to this difficult work of a lifetime!

You and my best coworkers in the world, I want to say “bye-bye”, with these words:

“I’m not going to cry because it’s over.
I’m going to smile because it happened!”

Thank you!

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