Apparently having an iPhone is a thing for people with lots of money

According to a study conducted by the University of Chicago in the united States along with the National Bureau of Economic Research, if you have an iPhone or purchased one in the past few months, it means that you are a person with heaps of wads of money in your house and in the bank.

As well as reading, the use of this cell in particular is now a luxury that indicates if someone has great economic solvency or not, since it is believed that the model is of the highest good that exists in the market.

The research that was conducted resulted that the iPhone is a symbol of pretty and consistent wealth, and not just the smartphone, as it is considered that all the products of Apple are considered as well, then the iPad, Watch, iMac and the MacBook are also included.

In terms of figures more concise, it says that the phone gives a 69% chance to the user to be well-to-do, this means that 69 out of every 100 people that have an iPhone have incomes high.

For if they believed that the Android had been left out they are wrong, because according to the information of the Pew Research, 64% of the people who have less resources, have one of these phones in their possession considering the opposite case of that produces the brand of the Cupertino.

Although this is a stereotype quite common, it is not entirely true, since most of the people who have an iPhone is for the durability that it has, and not because they are renewing each comes out a new model.

How far we are from the first world…

These indicators vary with time for the different costs that they have and the way in that this economy, this situation can be exemplified by what happened in 2004 when a car, a computer, and even the margarine (yes, butter) are considered signs of wealth.

What do you guys think of this, consider it something real or the study is exaggerating?

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