Apply a fine to Apple for “fool consumers”

Impunity for Apple computers deficient just stop, at least in Australia, where the Competition Commission and local Consumption (the ACCC for its acronym in English) fined the company led by Tim Cook with a us $ 6.6 million (about 136 million pesos) for “misleading consumers” of the subcontinent.

The iPhone 2, Apple would have been cancelled at the last minute

And is that the authorities determined the punishment for the division of australian Apple after the titan of the technology refuse to fix several computers that were components deficient manufactured by other companies. At least 5 thousand consumers australians were affected by an update to the iOS unusable iPhones and iPads to not be compatible with several of its parts.

At least 275 came to the company in order to receive care, but were denied attention, because, supposedly, their equipment had already been repaired by a third party. The failure of the iOS and the components of Apple devices was named by the local press as “Error 53”.

“If a product has a failure, the customers have the right to repair or replace under Australian Law of the Consumer, and sometimes even a refund,” said commissioner of the ACCC, Sarah Court, commenting on the case.

In addition to the fine, Apple has launched a program in Australia to compensate the complainants and to mitigate the brutal blow he received in reputation after the news is travelling the world.

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