App mexican rewards to motorists not to use the cell phone driving

Use the cell phone while driving is a major cause of road accidents in Mexico and the world. And although all sides are implemented publicity campaigns and awareness-raising so that this scourge to slow down, the problem continues. In fact, in the CDMX is the number one reason for crashes.

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Article 38 Fraction II of the Traffic Regulations of the City of Mexico punishes with a fine of two thousand 264 pesos to two thousand 642 to those who use the cell phone or any communication device while the vehicle is in motion.

To combat this problem, a group of mexican people created the app Napify, that rewards you with discounts and promotions if you meet the condition of not using your smartphone while driving and become a responsible driver.

To use Napify just download it (it is available in iOS and Android) onto your phone and sign in with your email or with Facebook. Later you must press the center button and lock your phone. In the top right of the app you’ll see a small timer, which will begin to run when you use the cell phone.

Napify is activated when the user is ready to lock the phone. For every minute that the device remains locked with Napify on, you accumulate points that may later be redeemed at the 25 companies from the City of Mexico that are affiliated to the platform. Although, for the moment, participating sites are located in Querétaro and Mexico City, but is expected to soon cover more states in the country.

In addition, they also have dynamic for you to win tickets for different events or items autographed by celebrities such as Checo Pérez. The best thing is that you can also use this app when you want to study or work without distractions. and Partners.

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