Apple ensures that the iPhone does not record or spy on their users

The belief that smartphones tend to listen to their users is not new, but since a couple of months ago has regained strength, because hundreds of people have the firm idea that the microphone of the cell serves to eavesdrop on the conversations you have daily.

This suspicion not only have the same consumers, but several legislators of the Congress of the united States is also shared, as they believe that the iPhone, in specific, are cell phones that do this kind of actions and don’t allow people to enjoy their privacy.

According to this and based on some reports that indicate that the phones collected and saved audios, and conversations when the virtual assistant Siri is activated, it is as the legislators Greg Walden, Marsha Blackburn, Gregg Harper and Robert Latta, began to send a few letters to Apple, addressed specifically to Tim Cook, to explain this matter.

The response from Apple was not made to wait, and with a letter to the bureaucrat Walden, is how the company explained that the creation of their devices are not made to make this type of practices, since in addition to considering them illegal, does not make sense because it requires that the same users to allow microphone access, which can not be handled by the company.

Also, it was commented that although they do not carry out this invasion of privacy, may not prevent other applications do it, as it totally depends on the people enable them to come to the microphone and, therefore, may record what is spoken about constantly:

“Apple does not and cannot monitor what developers make with the customer data that they have gathered, or prevents the subsequent transfer of those data, we do not have the ability to ensure that the developer complies with its own privacy policies or local laws”.

In this way, it is like the signature ensures and maintains the position that none of their products invades the privacy of the users, so that they should set aside this assumption.

The opinions are divided, what do you guys think, I believe Apple or do they have their doubts about it?

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