Apple hires another important executive from Google, now its driving division autonomous

A few months ago Apple hired the head of artificial intelligence Google to take charge of Siri, and in order to make this wizard a rival worthy of Alexa and Google Assistant. And today, information coming from The Information, mentioned that Jaime Waydo, an expert in autonomous vehicles that he previously worked as an engineer senior in Waymo (division of autonomous vehicles Google has joined Apple.

Jaime Waydo was the engineer in charge of verifying the security of the prototypes of Waymo. And before joining Google, Waydo was engineer in chief at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory of NASA. where he served for more than a decade, and helped develop a rover that has been driven on Mars.

We must not forget that Apple is currently working on their own-driving cars autonomous, in fact, also came to an agreement with Volkswagen for the creation of “combis” autonomous will begin to test in the Apple Park for transfer to employees.

Apple and Volkswagen will create the first ‘combi’ autonomous

Likewise, in the beginning you had mentioned that Apple was planning to create its own vehicle to be completely autonomous, a situation that many experts criticized the company, especially Elon Musk, who commented that making a car is not the same as doing a phone, and it seems that he has reason, since Apple abandoned the project to focus solely on the driving system autonomous as do Google and Uber, who are partnering with real car manufacturers to get their vehicles.

It seems that Apple is not very clear yet what it is that you want to do in the sector of the driving alone, but the latest plans suggest that you will hire experts who can contribute much more to the conduction system of autonomous and not to the manufacture of vehicles, although the time we will clear the doubts.

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