Apple unveiled the new emojis for iOS version 12

This July 17, is celebrated the World Day of the Emoji and as a kind of commemoration, because it really made a day before, showed all the new faces there will be in the update of the cell in this fall.

Knowing the importance that they currently have, to be considered as a means to communicate expressions among thousands of millions of people during the text message or via Whatsapp, as it commemorates its day and what better way than giving to know all the new creations that will make the users feel identified.

In addition to animals, food, and of course emotions, it is also added to many others that can give you a greater variety to the one they already had previously, since it will include people, redhead, curly hair, white hair or bald.

The Unicode Consortium, the organization responsible for creating the new emoji, took into account the proposals include emoticons with a greater number of options skin, occupations, and flags various; extending the diversity that has characterized.

In addition to the variant color of skin, there will be hair and to hairstyles, giving to each person to choose what most closely identify, even added superheroes, which while not as commercial, they may issue a good message at the time it is submitted to someone else.

There will also be emojis frozen, partiers, loving and sad, as well as lobsters, kangaroos, parrots and peacocks.

In the part of the gastronomy will be counted with lettuce, muffins, mangoes and various custards that will make much more feasible the way in which you compose a message.

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These designs were created after they were approved and introduced by the Unicode 11.0, but still containing the unique style that have the iOS, giving it a touch unique to each message written.

The 70 new emojis will, of course, the iPhone, Ipad, Apple Watch and Mac, which will have its usual free software update to be able to have them all; this is how you will arrive at iOS 12, macOS Mojavey and watchOS 5.

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