Apple removes iTunes shows and podcasts that they incite hatred

The company Apple decided to leave out of the platform of iTunes to the podcasts which contained and sent messages, and/or hateful speech towards the public, in addition to those programs that promoted conspiracy theories and fake news.

Most of the podcasts that were deleted were those of Infowars and Alex Jones, as the latter handled by conspiracy theories against the government of the united States, where for example, it was said that the attack of September 11 against the Twin Towers, was planned by themselves.

In addition, Jones drove several theories of some altercations that left marked to the society, for example with the shootings of San Bernardino , or Sandy Hook, where it was said that they were made, invented, and/or that certain people in specific, were at fault for that to happen, the giving of names was causing them to investigate and hostigara until they were making people change their residence.

Based on that, it’s like they removed five of the six podcasts on the speaker, some of them were War Room and his diary The Alex Jones Show.

According to the declarations that he gave the Apple to TechCrunch, mentioned that his decision was based on the fact that both Jones as their programs to be in noncompliance with the standards that you have iTunes:

“Apple does not tolerate hate speech, and we have clear guidelines that the creators and developers should follow to ensure that we provide a safe environment for all our users. The podcasts that violate these guidelines will be deleted from our directory and are no longer searchable nor are they available for download or streaming. We believe in representing a wide range of points of view, as long as people are respectful of people with different opinions”.

With iTunes, it adds another name to the list of platforms on which the content of Alex Jones are forbidden since they previously gave you low on Facebook, Youtube and Spotify.

Is now available iTunes through the Microsoft Store for Windows 10 and Partners.

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