Apple wins the battle, Samsung will have to pay hundreds of millions of dollars

And the winner by unanimous decision eeeeeeeeeessss… oh, Apple ! The Cupertino just to give a hard knockout legal to their archirrivales koreans from Samsung after a jury in the united States (obvious) determined that the of Asia will have to shell out the friendly little amount of 538.6 million of dollars to its american competitors.

Samsung turns to ‘bulear’ to Apple and its notch with this commercial

The failed comes after 7 years of litigation between the two titans in technology after the company that runs Tim Cook sues Samsung for patent infringement to copy features of the iPhone design.

The compensation seems to little for what I expected Apple, who claimed in court that essentially Samsung copied the iPhone. The case returned to court following a decision of the Supreme Court to review a prior compensation of 400 billion. The jury in the facts it chose the middle way because Apple asked 1,000 mdd and south korea offered 29 billion.

Apple already came out with “the medal set to declare a victory for the ruling, despite the fact that the amount fell short of their original submission: “it Is a fact that Samsung blatantly copied our design. We are grateful to the jury for their service and glad that you agree that Samsung must pay for copying our products,” he noted in a press release from Cupertino.

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