Apple launches a new library for interactive maps

Apple has released a beta version of your library in Javascript called MapKit JS, which allows for the possibility to work with maps in an interactive way, which also gives the ability to “render” the map is optimized for multiple browsers and devices, as well as having support for native gesture such as “pinch to zoom” and rotation with two fingers.

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The new library was announced at the recent WWDC. This is a development of an API that already exists, which is used by developers of iOS to include the maps d Apple in the iOS apps. The new version can be used for putting maps in web sites including, giving continuity between the web and iOS.

The new version of this library of functions provides the same features as the MapKit API for iOS, so you can have live data from the sources of the maps of Apple and as already said, support some native gesture. The rendering on the client side gives a complete map of WebGL, which indicates Apple – samples how to see the native map of Apple. When it is used on old hardware, the library “degrades gracefully” to rasterize the images at a focus of the mosaics, according to the company from Cupertino.

The beta version comes with code sample that shows how to use the maps on web sites, including samples for the four main functions: embed, annotate, draggable annotate and custom callouts: The code example of annotate shows you how to put annotations on the maps that are defined by the programmer, while the draggable annotations shows you how to move annotations on a map embedded. The custom callouts will allow you to create views that appear (pop ups) when the user click (or tap on the touch screen) in a view with annotations.

But all this comes at a literal cost. The use of the library requires that the developer have an account as an Apple Developer, which costs 99 dollars per year, which makes the use of this beta version requires you to put the ids of the maps, the keys, and the specific values needed in the account of the developer. The beta version only allows for 250 thousand instantiation and 25 thousand calls to the service API key each day, compared to the limit of Google Maps, which is 100 thousand instantiation per month.

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