Apple may Shazam still incorporate

After research of the European Commission has decided that Apple’s acquisition of Shazam should continue. The app is used to songs on the radio to recognize it.

Apple is the technology of Shazam will use to Apple Music to improve. The company will get access to a large language of numbers and this is, inter alia, to conclude, what music is popular among Shazam users. Also, Apple may choose to Shazam users by referring to (only) Apple Music.


Now you become in Shazam still be redirected to the track at Google Play, Deezer and Spotify. The idea behind this is that the number that you just happen to have somewhere heard, save for later in your streaming service of choice. The question was whether Apple in this area does not have to be a big player would be. Now considers the European Commission that there is no danger of a monopoly position.

Unknown is when the acquisition exactly around. Would probably Apple a whopping $ 400 million for Shazam pay.

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