Apple asks Samsung to pay one billion dollars for copying the design of iPhone

Which in 2011 began as one of the major demands of the tech sector, it seems that is about to end, and Apple demands that Samsung pay a billion dollars for having copied the design of the iPhone in several of its devices, especially the Galaxy S, and so have obtained millions in income .

The day yesterday started hearings for the final hearing, that began in 2011, and that it takes 7 years between disputes and indifferences between the two companies, as Apple is not in accordance with what Samsung wants to pay for infringing on the design patents of the iPhone, and Samsung believes that the amount requested by Apple is out of this world.

Bill Lee, a lawyer for Apple has made it clear that the company wants a billion dollars for infringing on a patent, but John Quinn, a lawyer for Samsung, has mentioned that the company is only willing to pay 28 million, which is why today both companies may not end with this legal dispute.

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How it all began?

It was April 2011, when Apple sued Samsung for having copied the design of its iPhone. At that time, Apple was mentioned that the Korean company had infringed on 4 patents, including design, user interface, performance, and gestures for interaction, multi-touch.

Despite the fact that Samsung struggled for almost a year, was in 2012, when the jury convicted the company, for which he was sentenced to pay 1052 million dollars to Apple for violating the patents of the company.

Obviously, Samsung appealed this decision, and spent a year more for the 1052 billion was reduced to $ 548 million, a figure that Samsung was not in agreement, which seemed to him an amount excessive, so he chose his last legal recourse and appeal the decision to the Supreme Court of the united States.

Fortunately for Samsung, the Supreme Court ordered the Court of Appeals of the united States an adjustment in the amount to be paid to Apple as much as Samsung appeals the decision, it is doomed to pay a certain amount for violating patents, but the company seeks to make it the least amount possible.

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And this is how this long-standing legal dispute will end in 2018, as Samsung already there are more appeals to be done, and that he would be condemned to pay will be what you will have to disburse to the company, which already made a payment to Apple for $ 548 million in 2015, but that obviously Apple will have to come back after you get to know how much will be the figure that Samsung will be doomed to settle.

As already mentioned, Samsung thinks that it is fair to pay $ 28 million, but Apple want to 1000 million, although it is obvious that the figure will not reach that amount, not after that Samsung has managed to appeal two times the amount.

In the next few weeks will determine the final decision, and we will know how much it will cost this legal battle that has been going since 7 years in this course without which the two companies could reach an agreement.

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