Apple may offer music, movies, TV programs, news and magazines into a single subscription

Every day we see new streaming services, especially video and music, a situation that on the one hand benefits the users with new options from which to choose, but which also represents more costs and the diversification of content, reason for which Apple could launch a subscription service where you include practically everything that we can subscribe to.

Google has done something similar with YouTube Premium, which includes its video service with original content and their new music streaming service, however, you still have outside of this plan to YouTube TV (available only in the united States) and does not offer a subscription service to magazines, so Apple might be the first in bringing all of these services in a single subscription.

What are the differences between YouTube Music and YouTube Premium

According to The Information, Apple wants to compensate its users with a new subscription service that exceeds the ideas of Google or Amazon, which as mentioned, are the only ones that offer a kind of subscription package, as in the case of Amazon, users Prime have video, music, and free shipping with a single payment.

But if Apple wants to compete against the other services, it is best not to do them separately, but all-in-one package, reason in the mind of this release on a short-term future.

The information has not been confirmed by Apple, and neither is mentioned when you might get this subscription, but no doubt that is to call the attention that Apple wants to offer this service, because it could finally get the subscriptions by package, without a doubt, the benefit of the users, which will not have to pay for each product they wish to subscribe.

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