Apple presents iPhone Xs iPhone Xs Max, iPhone, Xr, and Apple Watch

Today, Apple has the Apple Watch 4, and new iPhones announced during the special event in the Steve Jobs Theater on the Apple Campus in Cupertino. As expected, the company this year, not with two, but with three iPhones, the iPhone Xs iPhone Xs Max and the iPhone Xr.

No fewer than three new models during the Keynote , so, though they seem to be some design involved heavily on each other, Apple has chosen to keep the design of the iPhone X to apply as the hoofdontwerp for the new series of iPhones. The three models differ mostly in terms of size.

iPhone Xs

The first thing that stands out in the design of the iPhone Xs is that it is very well known feel. That is not surprising, Apple has taken farewell of the design of the iPhone 8 and 7 and has gone into the design of the iPhone X, that was introduced last year. In other words: an OLED display that the entire front of the device covers, with a small cutout for the camera. With a size of 5.8 inches, the display is just as large as that of the iPhone X, which, in fact, an identical unit is. But why would the iPhone X-owner upgrade? Apple has a beautiful new finish (gold, silver, and gray), and the strongest glass ever seen in a smartphone, but that is, of course, all marketingpraat. Interesting is HDR, which the images a lot nicer.

iPhone Xs Max

More interesting is the large version of the iPhone Xs, to know the iPhone Xs Max. The 6.5-inch display is huge and makes the device great for gaming and video viewing with a resolution of 2688×1242 pixels. Unexpected is that these devices are both still 3D Touch, a feature which it was expected that the neck was flipped over. Both units also have new stereo speakers that, according to Apple, should make for phenomenal sound, all we want to that would rather decide once we get the device. Both the iPhone Xs when the iPhone Xs Max is equipped with the A12 Bionic chip, the first 7 nanometer chip in the world. That is spectacular, but holds simply in that the device is again a much faster and less energy consumed. The camera on both devices is also largely the same as that of the iPhone X, namely a 12 megapixel camera. Apple indicates that the sensor is larger, faster, and better-looking images result. These are all things that we really with your own eyes want to see.

What’s new in the iPhone Xs is Smart HDR. This new feature was also accompanied with a lot of marketingpraat, but would have to ensure that your photos are much more detailed, for example when you photos directly into the sun, shoot. For photographers this would be an interesting upgrade as it works so well as Apple promises. Impressive is the ability to use the depth of field of a photo after the picture is shot.

Battery and Dual Sim

The iPhone Xs goes in terms of battery half an hour longer than the iPhone 10 before you have to reload. The Xs Max is but less than an hour and a half longer. Still rather scarce, given the performance of the iPhone X, but more is always better. A special development this year is that Apple in the iPhone C has the ability added to as much as two sim cards to use (a normal sim and an eSim). This will not be for everyone a useful feature, but of course comes in handy if you are often abroad and there a different sim card used. Who is both a business and a private number, this can also combine in this dual sim device. DSDS (Dual Sim, Dual Standby allows you to determine which number is active. The support of the eSim, means that, in theory, no sim card needed any more. There is, however, needed support from providers, so the question is how quickly we can take advantage of it in the Netherlands.

iPhone Xr
With the iPhone Xr seems to be Apple, just like previously with the iPhone 5c and the iPhone SE to want to focus on the people not the grand prize want to pay for a smartphone, but still want a powerful device in the hands, want to have, all is cheap at Apple, this time still almost a thousand euro. With a display of 6.1 inches is the iPhone Xr no cd smallest iPhone in the series and also no even greater than that of the iPhone 8 Plus), he also differs because this is an LCD display, instead of OLED, like the other two devices. Also the iPhone Xr has on the front a display of the full front covers, with cutout for the camera. This means that Apple is not only a new phone more of a physical Home button, something that we, with the advent of the iPhone X already felt coming. In addition, this iPhone unlike other phones made of aluminum, and he will are available in quite a number of cheerful colors. On the back you find the dual camera of the iPhone Xs and Xs Max, but a single camera (12 megapixels, optical image stabilization and Smart HDR). The front contains the unit is the same camera as the iPhone Xs and Xs Max. It is interesting that the iPhone Xr one and a half hours more battery life than the iPhone 8 Plus, while the unit is the same A12 chip on board as the other two iPhones.

Availability and price

Then the big question…what will these devices cost, and when can you buy them? The base price for the iPhone Xr is available in 64 GB, 128 GB and 256 GB, and has a starting price of 859 euro. You can order from the 19th of October, the phones will be a week later sent. the iPhone Xs 64, 256 and 512 GB, and has a starting price of 1159 euros. The iPhone Xs Max finally is available in the same capacities as the Xs and has a price of 1259 euro. These devices are from Friday to pre-ordering and a week later delivered.

As expected, Apple has during the event in Cupertino also a new edition of the Apple Watch announced, or as Apple calls it, the intelligent gezondheidsbewaker, the Apple Watch Series 4.

According to the company is everything to the watch re-designed. Starting with the display, like the iPhone, the entire surface of the device covers. The displays are according to the company’s 30 percent larger than that of the predecessors, without having to change the size of the devices themselves, much has changed. A larger display means that you have much more you can see on your smartwatch, making the device a lot more useful (read: less limited). A larger display also means that more information can be displayed on the dials, making it more functional.

Better reception

The back of the Apple Watch also has a metamorphosis. This back is made of a material that is radio waves, better flow, making your receipt with your Smart Watch many times is supposed to be better (in the Netherlands we have no Apple Watch independent of the smartphone, so that difference we will not notice it. The speaker is also 50 percent louder than that of the previous model, and that is a very welcome improvement.


The emphasis in the Apple Watch has always been on health, but in the Series 4 goes apple one step further. The Apple Watch can now, thanks to a new gyroscope, to detect when someone falls, so help can be turned on when the wearer of the watch itself can not, by an alarm to mount. When you fall, and the watch takes true that there is a minute long no activity, an emergency message with your location to your noodcontact sent.


The Apple Watch also monitors in the holes how to the with your heart rate. If it turns out that your heart rate is too low, then it detects you watch that, and you will be informed. Also is your Apple Watch be able to (most cases of) arrhythmias. ‘Most cases’ is a bit dubious, but it is a nice step towards the future. In addition, you can now put your finger on the crown of the watch explain to, within 30 seconds, an ECG. Apple claims that the Apple Watch Series 4, the first ECG device that is directly to consumers, it is sold. The ECG can export to PDF, which you can take it to or send it to your doctor (or cardiologist).


Apple indicates that the Apple Watch Series 4 a lasts all day without charging (18 hours) and that you have six hours of uninterrupted workout with GPS before the battery it’s last breath blows out (to you recharging, of course).

Price and availability

The Apple Watch Series four will be available in three colors, namely gray, black and matte gold (or stainless gold as Apple calls it). The device will be 399 dollars is going to cost you. Do you want to be able to make phone calls without the device to pair your phone, then you pay $ 499. Pre-orders start this Friday, the device appears a week later…also in the Netherlands, only we have unfortunately only the model without independent possibilities, and that device will cost 429 euros for the 40 mm model, and 459 euros for the 44 mm model.

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