Apple’s rocket, and slashes the cost to replace the battery of the iPhone

Apple will reduce to 60 euros the price of battery replacement outside of warranty of the smartphone iPhone 6 and later models of the brand, so that this cost will go down from 89 to 29 euros until the next month of December. The company has acknowledged errors in the communication of the implementation of a system that slows down the old terminals in peaks of activity to avoid off sudden.

The technology has released a written statement through his website in which you have ordered “apology” to its customers, after being “disappointed” to “some” of them by the way you have managed the performance of the iPhone with old batteries and the way in which he communicated the process.

Apple has recalled that he launched, as part of the upgrade of its iOS operating system 10.2.1, a software that manages the maximum performance of components of the models iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 6s, 6s Plus, and to prevent that is to turn off suddenly during activity peaks. The company has recognized that in “some cases” it is possible that applications “may take longer to open up and the performance to decrease”.

The american company has assured that this measure reduced the incidence of unexpected shutdowns, so it was decided to extend it to models iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, as part of the upgrade to iOS 11.2.

Apple has argued that “never” has sought to shorten “intentionally” the life of one of its products , or worse the user experience “to get you to renew your device”. The company explained that “all” the batteries lose effectiveness as their chemical components age or are subjected to certain modes of use. Thus, a battery with chemical deterioration “also loses the ability to provide peaks of power”, especially if it is little charged, which may cause the device to “turn off suddenly in certain circumstances”.


As a measure to compensate its customers, Apple has announced it will reduce around the world the price of battery replacement out of warranty models of the iPhone 6 or later, which will be 29 euros. This rebate, which will be offered more official details “soon”, will take effect until December 2018.

Also, Apple has confirmed that at the beginning of this year will launch a version of iOS with new features” so that the user can check “more easily” the state of the battery of your iPhone, “and see for yourself if you are affecting the performance”.

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