Apps on smart tv’s should longer remain available’

The Consumers ‘ association wants manufacturers of smart tv’s the availability of apps for a minimum six year guarantee. This after the past six years, hundreds of complaints came in about apps that suddenly no longer worked.

Viewers have the most trouble with the disappearance of the NPO-app on smart tvs that are older than 2014. Now also works on RTL XL no longer on the tv’s of Philips, YouTube on televisions from LG and Sony, and Samsung tvs is Skype not using more. Last year stopped also the support of Spotify for many tv brands. In total there were 300 complaints within.


The Consumers will now ‘insist on solutions,” by talking to tv manufacturers. For example, in the form of compensation, such as a media player on which the apps still work. Or they cooperate is the question. They themselves are again dependent on the providers of the apps themselves, which are ultimately responsible for support and updates.

You also have to do with disappearing apps on your smart tv? You can still post a complaint.

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