Apps to edit audio from a smartphone

Several years ago, it was extremely difficult that a person could do multiple activities at the same time, since it should have many devices to do this, for example to take a picture, it was necessary to carry a camera, batteries and/or rolls, while to have any audio, I had to take a tape recorder.

This type of actions often done by reporters and/or journalists, since they should be aware of any declaration to issue any public figure is important, as this will serve to give a foundation and/or context to any news.

It was really tedious having to move the audio to the computer, “cleaned” it, edit it, and see that everything will sound as it was planned, because of not being well, had to return to see what was wrong and fix it.

Obviously it is speaking of the journalists ‘ union, but there are also other professions and people who do this kind of processes; however, in the present and with the development of smartphones is you can leave the recorder at home and use the cell phone to perform all kinds of necessary activities, even from the same mobile phone is where you can edit the audio.

7 apps that help you edit videos from your smartphone

With the following applications it will be possible to modify any type of audio, so there is no worry about having to get home, turn on the laptop and start a long night of editing.

Audio Recorder and Editor

This audio editor lets you record and edit audio files of high quality; this way you will be able to join, split and convert audio files, similarly, can reduce the volume of the etching, to add echo and/or adjust the speed, among other options.

Available on: Android

Equalizer Unlock Key

This app helps you to adjust the sound levels on the phone, to obtain a better quality of music and audio.

It also has several presets that are based on different musical genres, but it is also possible to customize your own presets by adjusting the sounds according to what you have in mind.

Available on: Android

WavePad Free Audio Editor

If you need to record, edit, add various effects to the audio, and send them quickly to other devices such as phones or computers, this app can support you to perform these multiple activities.

It is also possible to record voice and music, and clean it if necessary, all so that there is background noise that distorted the captured in the cell.

One of the advantages that it has, is the compatibility with various file formats, which makes it less laborious to be looking for where you can convert.

Available on: iOS and Android

Hokusai Audio Editor

Copy, paste, delete, set and filters are some of the functions that can be performed with this application, which has a simple interface that allows the user to do their job without any problem.

The fact that you can edit multiple tracks at the same time, parallel or mixed, makes the editing unfold much more quickly and you may have plenty of time to put attention to other situations.

Hosuki can be used on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, so that the export to the audios of different formats, did not involve a tiresome procedure.

Available on: iOS

TwistedWave Audio Editor

Like the other apps, it can copy, paste, add filters, monitor the sound and adjust the levels of frequency; likewise, you can perform Fade In and Fade Out quickly, and undo the errors that may have been committed.

This tool can support audio WAV, AIFF, CAF, AAC, MP3 and FLAC, and may be exported from the same iTunes, the iPod library, Dropbox and even email.

Available on: iOS and Partners.

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