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Python is a language of general purpose which in recent years has gained relevance for its ease of use, by being a language that is “very natural” to learn how to program this, and because in addition, it is an interpreter, and this makes it much easier to learn many things, as well as debugging with a lot of ease in an environment that in general is very friendly.

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There are on the Internet a lot of information about Python for many reasons. The first is that it is a free system and there are a growing number of programmers and, therefore, the second thing to notice is that many people get information, share their code and make the system continue to grow. Today Python is one of the three or four languages most in use, and the reality is that this happens because there is a real openness to information and to the development of the language.

It is evident that many, many publishers, web sites, education, online courses is constantly developing and we could say, without much margin of error, that Python has more and more books, which range from fundamental courses to make neural networks deep through this language. Is more, IBM and its initiative in quantum computing, already has a significant number of libraries that are implemented in Python.

Well, if you want to you, the reader/reader learn how to program in Python, you can do many things, but one of them is to find a good text book, which must follow a certain discipline for learning the concepts of this programming language. In fact, we suggest that anyone who wants to learn Python is looking for a system to perform, a program that interests you for some reason, and perhaps has no idea how to do that. The great programmers were imposed complicated tasks and eventually came to dominate the language and created real systems, useful, efficient, and very interesting in many ways.

Thus, we find an interesting book by Rick Halterman, who teaches at the Adventist University of the Southeast. Professor Halterman gives classes of Data Structures and Algorithms, as well as Fundamentals of Programming. One of the topics that investigates the Dr. Halterman is the development of techniques for the optimization of data flow in environments with limitations initial.

The book in question is a complete course in Python, which can be downloaded from this site.

If you take seriously the work of learning for themselves, this book can be great. Analyzing other works (commercial and free), we believe that with this book you can learn Python with little difficulty. In fact, the author gives indications of where to download a programming environment and the written document seems to be designed to learn specifically to generate code in Python.

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