Learn how to write faster on keyboard of the mobile with these tips

In a world where everything moves so fast, it is important to know how to manage, especially at the time of communicating with someone who need answers fast and accurate through a phone, it is therefore essential that the fingers start texting at a more accelerated pace than it is accustomed to.

This will also serve to begin to develop ideas much better executed, because immediately you will begin to think of all the body of the text that you want to publicize, and therefore, it must have consistency, because a series of words are written in a way fast does not serve to convey a true message.

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If one is already considered fast at the time of writing, but you tend to make dedazos or to move the order of the letters, then there will be a series of tips that can help to improve that aspect, but if the case is the opposite and has not acquired that skill, in the same way can be applied to those recommendations.

Position of the cell

Although don’t think that this affects you, the truth is that it influences too much in the way of writing, because the thumbs and the index fingers are flattened at best a way that of another, in this case there is no “ideal” position; while the fingers are free, to move and support the weight of the device, it will be enough for you to begin to be typed quickly.

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Use the auto retouch and word prediction

This may be one of the best tools that have smartphones, because in some way help people to resolve doubts about the writing of some words and make simple the task of drafting, since it offers several alternatives for that you don’t get to be repetitive or to generate misunderstandings.

However, users should be aware that the auto retouch can be configured to suit the needs of each one, because if you watch closely the options of the Keyboard, on both iOS and Android, you will discover that you can let go of those attachments that are not useful and retain those that are.

For example, in Android it is possible to activate or clear the line of predictive text or that appear suggestions that one customizes to find words with more meaning than that usually used.

While in iOS you can manipulate the punctuation and the way that they appear in uppercase, which serves to give emphasis to the written prayers; whatever the cell phone you have, you should know that you can put to great use to improve the way of expressing yourself.

Shortcuts text

As its name says, the shortcuts are used to make shorter the transmission of an idea, because it makes use of the abbreviations, which have previously been configured, so you don’t have to be spelling it letter by letter.

In this way, it is like the keyboard is “converted” automatically ” to the words, such as e.g. in a for example, or a HBD a Happy Birthday. To be able to activate this shortcut, you must follow the following:


  1. Settings
  2. General
  3. Keyboard
  4. Replace text
  5. Select the Plus sign + and add the phrase and its corresponding shortcut and/or shortcut.


  1. Settings
  2. Language
  3. Text input
  4. Personal dictionaries
  5. For all the languages and choose the Add button

Determines your keyboard

This will sound weird, but it is possible to fine-tune your keyboard if you’re left-handed or right-handed, because in both cellular (iOS and Android) you can select which is the hand with the most writes, which makes the speed is then present in each one of the messages or texts that are being drafted.

In the case of Android you can use the default keyboard of Gboard, to power it you should do the following:

  1. Settings
  2. Administration
  3. Languages and text input
  4. On-screen keyboard
  5. Gboard
  6. Preferences to make more changes

As for the iOS:

  1. General
  2. Keyboards in Settings
  3. Keyboard of a hand

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Swype Keyboard

This type of keyboard is designed specifically for touch screens, so the majority of users today can make use of it, as to be able to write a word you can swipe your finger across each of the letters, just as if you were pointing to and to know that he is doing well, you will see a colored line to indicate what is the path that is being traced.

The advantage with Android phones, is this option comes by default, so that iOS users should install it with any of the two apps available: Swype and SwiftKey.

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Use of the voice

The difference between speaking and writing is abysmal, because for some it is easier to be writing, and for others, to be talking, none of the two is bad, but for those people who do not like to be several minutes writing, then dictation is always a good option.

Thanks to the microphone that have integrated the mobile, it is possible to activate the action of dictation that will make a translation of what is being said, without that there is a problem in that you missed a comma, or because it was not added to an r or h, for example.

For this type of action is carried out, you can activate Siri in iOS, or Ok Google on Android.

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