Here is the magic of the new Google Pixel 3

Already been submitted to the new Google Pixel 3, and as has happened since the first generation, they are teams that at first glance do not suffer a revolution, always keeping her classic style a bit reserved, a single rear camera when the majority of manufacturers already bet by 2 or 3 sensors, a battery that might even feel very fair, and a screen that perhaps might not be the best on the market, but it is not, the Pixel 3 are much better than the Pixel 2, and since there are already candidates for phone of the year, especially for the innovations that were shown.

The magic of the Pixel is not in the hardware but in the software

This is not the first time that I mention it, but there is no point having great hardware if you don’t know and then exploit it with a great software, however, a great software can provide you with results similar to those of a great hardware, and proof of this are the new Pixel.

Google is following a similar philosophy to that of Apple , and very different to that of Huawei, that is to say, Google is looking to offer what is necessary for the users, so that the experience is unique, and why not I want to say that Huawei is not looking to offer a good experience, but that Huawei seeks to offer many new features in their new phones, and many of these functions will probably not be used by many of its customers.

These are all the products that Google introduced today in New York

A single camera with amazing results

Let’s start with the camera, Google again came back to surprise us with a phone number of a single sensor that is able to take photographs amazing in the situations of day and night, and all this is due to two things; on one side his own image processor called Pixel Visual Core, and on the other their development in AI (artificial intelligence).

The most spectacular result was for the pictures with low lighting, where the AI was doing a job really amazing, so everything seems to indicate that the new Pixel will have one of the best night pictures, and the best thing is that this change will be automatic, that is to say, we will not have to activate the night mode as it happens on phones like the Huawei P20 Pro, which also achieves amazing results, but with a little more effort on the part of the user.

It is there where the magic of Google, a company that dominates from beginning to end the software, and that manages to cater to the primary needs of their clients, those who are not looking for a camera with professional mode or with complex adjustments, simply one that can take a good photo when we press the button “capture”.

Other interesting features of the Pixel 3 are Top Shot and Super Res Zoom, in the case of the first Google will be doing burst photos so you always have the best moment captured, this way the AI from Google will recommend you the best picture taken, so you’ll never leave eyes closed, unfocused, or with some flaw in the scene.

In the case of Super-Res Zoom is a kind of telephoto, digital, here, Google still does not give a lot of information about it, but it’s basically one of the reasons why there is a dual camera, Google sees no case to put a second sensor that increase the price of the equipment when you can do it with software, and judging by the first impressions, are very similar results to those of a telephoto 2 increases.

A battery just to be outstanding

The batteries of the two phones do not have figures outstanding, but once again we have the power of the AI of Google to make the autonomy a remarkable feature, this in part is thanks to Android 9.0 Foot and your battery adaptive, which has a similar performance to what makes Huawei with their phones, hence the many computers of the brand china stand out for their high level of autonomy.

Google has done it again, released a phone that out does not seem to be surprising, but rather pretty, but, thanks to implementations by software has resulted in a balanced kit which could not only have the best, or one of the best cameras on the market, but also a phone that offers an experience that no other Android can offer. and Partners.

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