Ensure that hackers stole hundreds of millions to the mexican banking system; and operated

The criminals to materialize an attack historic to the mexican banking system. According to a report from the international agency Reuters , which cites “people involved with the investigation”, would have been a hacker that stole between 300 and 400 million pesos. For its part, the Bank of Mexico has not confirmed or denied that the problem, which started with failures in the Interbank Electronic Payments System (SPEI), has been treated by a cyber attack.

How do you know if the failure of bank transfers, SPEI affected me?

According to the Reuters report, the attacks would have been made during several days of the month of April and the amount, according to the first court, it could reach 400 million pesos. The version had already been raised by the american chain Bloomberg on the 29th of April.

Banorte and BanBajío would have been the banks with the largest involvement, with an amount subtracted from your coffers above the 150 and 160 million pesos, respectively. A total of five financial groups operating in Mexico would have been affected as confirmed to Reuters Lorenza Martínez, director of the Payment System of the Bank of Mexico (Banxico).

Banxico for its part, has confirmed that users were not affected by the attacks and announced that it has failed to detect the origin of what callificaron as “unauthorized transfers”, while insisting on refraining from giving it the title of cyber-attack.

To commit the theft, the hackers would have sent orders to move amounts ranging from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of pesos from banks such as Banorte in the last few weeks to bogus accounts in other banking institutions, whose accomplices emptied through cash withdrawals at dozens of branches, explained.

Interbank transfers began to suffer delays from the end of April, fuelling concerns that the second largest economy of Latin America could be the latest victim in global wave of cyber-attacks. The hackers could have received help from inside the banks as these large cash withdrawals are not common, said one of the sources.

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