This is how Apple will fight against call spam

The calls of spam, are one of the most knurls that live users today, because not only give once, but they are close to 12.2 per month, which means that it is dialing constantly despite the fact that the user’s response is negative.

Knowing this, and in order to help your users to avoid this type of situation, Apple has registered a patent that can warn you when you are making a call spam that has no benefit.

The patent in question, goes by the name Detection information false calls, which translated in simple words, it is a method that will verify each of the calls made to the phone.

This is a solution that Apple will use to correct the errors of iOS 12

To accomplish this, and as specified in the description of the patent, first of all, we will analyze the technical data of incoming calls, and that they determine if it is a real thing or not.

In addition, may be released if the call in question is redirecting through a handle false, which may indicate that it is doing something illegal as a scam or extortion.

Resultado de imagen para apple llamadas con spam

The central idea of the register is to protect and facilitate the life of the user with a tool relatively simple, but effective that would work in as needed, that is to say, when you are calling from an unknown number.

However, and although many of them already wish to have this function calls spam in his hands, the sad reality is that this is just a patent that can’t move on to more.

Although if you take into account that Google will have a system similar to this with Google Assistant in its new Pixel 3, then it can become a reality, as Apple doesn’t like to stay behind in the competition that both companies have maintained for several years and Partners.

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