So is the new Galaxy Note 9: more battery power and artificial intelligence

Has finished waiting, Samsung has officially unveiled the new Galaxy Note 9, its latest high-end smartphone of the year, and that could even be the latest Galaxy Note as we know it, because if the rumors are true it will merge with the Galaxy S10 for the following year. But while this happens we already have a new banner in Android, a phone that stands out for its battery power and artificial intelligence.

The full specifications of the Galaxy Note 9 are the following:

More power for better performance

The Galaxy Note 9 is much more powerful than its predecessor in many ways, not only in the improvement of the processor, but also on elements that will be much faster and productive because the S-Pen now comes loaded with new features like bluetooth technology, with which we will be able to remotely control the computer, take a picture, unlock the device and much more.

First let’s talk about the processor which is a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845, one of the SoC’s most powerful this year, and which is accompanied by 6GB and 8GB of RAM, so that we talk about one of the phones most powerful of this year.

Likewise, Samsung has included versions of storage much larger, all the while thinking that the public of the Galaxy Note are normally people that use the phone for work, that is to say, the business sector, for this reason we will have a version of 128 GB and another 512 GB, although both models can extend their storage capacity through a microSD memory of up to 1TB.

S-Pen, faster and with better autonomy

The S-Pen is a hallmark of the Galaxy Not, and for this version has improved dramatically, and is that the signature south Korean has included technology Bluetooth to be able to remotely control some functions of the device, for example, you can unlock the phone with the S-Pen in hand, take a photo or play a video, in addition to that we will continue to have the functions of taking notes with the screen “off”, select text, draw, etc as Well, the S-Pen of the Note 9 maintains the 4,096 points of pressure already offered by their previous generation.

The battery is another very important point, which offers half an hour of battery life with only seconds to load, while with the full load you will spend a lot of time without worrying about the battery of this pen smart.

Camera: embracing the artificial intelligence

Cameras with artificial intelligence have been made fashionable this year, and Samsung was one of the missing joining this trend, at least presenting officially a camera with AI, and Note, 9 is the first to offer it as such.

Technically we are talking about the same camera that we saw in the Galaxy S9+, same sensors, same opening dual, but different quality, why?, for the artificial intelligence, and that is if the camera S9+ it was difficult to find many ifs and buts, the Note 9 promises to fix any bugs that may present in the S9+ with the help of artificial intelligence.

The artificial intelligence of the camera can detect up to 20 different scenes and change the camera settings to take the perfect photograph, that is to say, your photos of food will not be equal to that of your friends, or your pets, but they all promise to look perfect.

Likewise, we will have blink detection, light from the front and dirty lens, all with the purpose that our images do not have damages, so the phone will alert us of these details in order to re-take the photo.

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Great battery for a great smartphone

After all of the problems that were introduced with the Galaxy Note 7, Samsung had to reduce the amount of mAh in the Galaxy Note 8, and for the Galaxy Note 9 we have a large battery of 4,000 mAh, which promises an autonomy of a day and a half without any problem.

And that is that we must not forget that the Note 9 is a phone intended to work on it, so the battery was one of the points least outstanding of the Galaxy Note 8, a situation that changes completely in the Note 9.

These are the prices and availability of the Galaxy Note 9 in Mexico

Samsung has been working a lot of time in improving the safety of the batteries, and ensure that the Note 9 is one of the batteries safest on the market, so that customers can enjoy a huge battery in a phone thinner without having to worry about anything.

Likewise, we will have fast charging technology and wireless on the Galaxy Note 9, which is practically a hallmark of all high-end devices of Samsung.

Evolve DeX

One of the technologies that has been working for Samsung since the Galaxy S8 is in the Galaxy DeX, the doc that allows your phone to become a computer when you connect it to a monitor, and although the earlier versions needed a dock for the phone, now DeX has evolved, and you only need an adapter cable, yes, a adapter cable.

It works like this: Samsung DeX with Galaxy Note 8

Adopting the idea of Huawei, the new Note 9 you can convert on your computer when connected to the monitor through a special cable that you can carry in the bag of the pants, so that you no longer need to carry the dock of the phone, just bring the cable and connect it to a monitor and keyboard to operate without problem.

Price and availability.

The team will be launched in Mexico in the coming weeks, and will be available on pre-sale from next Thursday, 23 August, and will be released on sale starting Friday, August 31.

The price of the two models of the Galaxy Note 9 is as follows:

  • Galaxy Note 9 of 128 GB of storage internal: $24,999 MXN
  • Galaxy Note 9 of 512 GB internal storage: $29,999 MXN

The sale of the team will be in department stores, Samsung Store, and Centers of Attention to Clients Telcel, which will be the first operator to sell the Galaxy Note 9, although it is expected that later reached with other operators of our country.

Fortnie, an exclusive Samsung for Android

One of the most successful games of the last years will make its official debut on Android very soon, but first it will make exclusively with the Samsung devices, that is to say, it will not be exclusive to the Note 9, but Samsung, at least during the first few weeks of life.

The CEO of Epic Games has mentioned that the game already will be able to beta test from today, and although it has not been specified what will be all the phones from Samsung are compatible with the beta version of Fortnite, it appears to be the Galaxy S8, S8+, S9, S9+, Galaxy Tab, S4, Galaxy Note 8 and Galaxy Note 9. and Partners.

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