So is the new Google Fit Android Wear OS and iOS

In 2014 Google launched its own health platform known as Google Fit, which has been completely redesigned and in addition comes with interesting new features for all users on Android Wear OS and iOS.

Google has mentioned that in partnership with the American Heart Association (AHA) and the World Health Organization (WHO), have created a new series of tips and workouts in which you’ll be able to know the intensity, frequency and type of activity necessary to promote the physical well-being. Among these developments include the functions of “Minutes of movement” and “Points to heart”, in addition it is now possible to integrate these functions with other health apps such as Strava, Runkeeper, Endomondo and MyFitnessPal.

With respect to the function “Minutes of movement”, basically the application looks for users constantly moving as they do other applications, to do this you will be encouraging him to climb stairs, to stand, to walk, to leave to take a coffee, etc

With the “heart” will give you points every time you complete activities in which your heart can pump with more force, and you’ll select a point for each minute of activity, and double points for the most intense activities such as running or practicing kickboxing.

Likewise, with the redesign of Google Fit is more easy to be able to get tips on how to earn points with the already mentioned “Points to heart”. In addition, the service features more than 120 activities such as pilates, rowing, spinning, etc

As mentioned by Google, part of the redesign has to do with seeking to focus the users in the physical-activity recommendations made by the AHA and the WHO, with the purpose of they are easy to find, are clear and also achievable for the majority of users, as well as to create goals appropriate activity that will allow users to lead a healthier, more active lives.

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Similarly, the new redesign is attached to the new lines of Material design Theming, that is precisely the changes that are taking almost all the Google applications like Gmail, Drive and even Android, so Google Fit joins the list of applications redesigned with Material Theming.

The update will be available on the Play Store for Android Wear OS, in addition to that we will also have these same options in the iOS version in the App Store. and Partners.

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