So is the Google One, the new storage service in the cloud, ‘economic’

Google has just launched its new version for storage in the cloud Google One. The idea of service, which in its first stage will only be available in the united States, is to have more options in terms of plans to make it more convenient for users. It even has a free option of 15GB.

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Google One also offers other benefits such as direct consulting expert in Google products and access to exclusive options such as credit in the Google Play or promotions at selected hotels for the user to find in Google Search, as announced in a press release. In addition to that, they promised that the courtesies for being subscribers will increase in the future.

With Google One, we have upgraded our storage plans of payment so that you have all the space you need for your Google Drive, Gmail, and photos and videos with original quality in Google Photos. With many options, from 100 GB to 30 TB, you can choose the plan that is right for you.

For the subscribers of the paid service of Google Drive, the system will update the account to Google One automatically. This is the list of plans currently available:

  • 15GB: free
  • 100GB:$1.99 per month
  • 2TB: US$9.99 per month
  • 10TB: US$99.99 per month
  • 20TB FOR$199.99 per month
  • 30TB FOR$299.99 per month

Although the Google One is only available in the US at the moment, the titan of the technology of Mountain View, California, will extend the overall service within the next few weeks, although has not given specific dates for example for when we will be able to use it in Mexico.

How does it differ from Google Drive?

Google said that with the arrival of One, will not disappear your current platform Drive. The arrival of the new service also aims to unify several of the service offered by “The Big G”, but without forcing a transition.

For example, with Google, One can use the extra space for Google Photos, Gmail and Drive, that is to say, we will have a number of GB or TB that can be shared between applications; something that could not be achieved with Drive.

Another function that didn’t exist before is that the subscribers of Google One will be able to share its storage with up to 5 other users of your preference.

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