So you could end up our privacy in WhatsApp and Telegram

WhatsApp and Telegram are two of the messaging applications most used in Europe and America, and some of his pillars are the security and privacy of our conversations. Since the implementation of the encryption of point-to-point the governments of different countries have been seen with bad eyes to these applications, arguing that they have become the channel of communication of terrorist organizations.

As indicated in the various intelligence organisations, the encryption point-to-point allows terrorists to communicate with the total confidence that your conversations will not be intervened by the government, because not even WhatsApp or Telegram can access the chats, there that promise to be application private and secure.

This could end soon, as in Russia, the government has requested Telegram’s encryption keys in order to access the conversations of more than 10 million users in the country, and in case of refusal, the Russian government has threatened to Telegram to suspend the service permanently.

Do you remember the bombing of Manchester in 2017? In that time, Amber Rudd, Minister of the Interior of the United Kingdom, accused WhatsApp and Telegram be tools for the benefit of terrorism, not wanting to remove the encryption of point-to-point for the intelligence divisions could detect terrorist attacks to review the conversations of the users.

The attack of Manchester may change the future of WhatsApp and Telegram

This has generated controversy in various european governments that now wonder if they should force to WhatsApp and Telegram to hand over the encryption keys, or alternatively, to remove this feature.

Making bad things seem good

The argument of governments and intelligence agencies it seems appropriate, all this is in the interests of national security and prevent terrorist attacks, but… what there is beyond the discourses on security?

At the time, Pavel Durov, creator and CEO of Telegram said something very true to the petitions of Amber Rudd, saying that once a Telegram to stop the encryption point-to-point, the terrorists would find a way to use a new service of messaging encryption.

This means that the government would still have the same problem, but now I would have the ability to access the millions of conversations of users in your country.

The co-founder of WhatsApp will ask you to delete your account of Facebook

This is one of the reasons that most concern to the Russian government, that even what has been mentioned openly, because you want to spy on the users of Telegram always and when you believe that there is some risk of national security. Excuse that surely we will hear all the time on the part of governments and security agencies, and the intelligence of Europe and America.

Or deliver the encryption keys, or locks the service

The threat of Russia in the Telegram is serious, or the company delivers the encryption key, or you will not be able to use the service in that country. The problem is that the same threat made Amber Rudd after the attack of Manchester to WhatsApp and Telegram, a situation that to this day has not become a reality.

This seems to be the formula that could make use of the various governments to force companies to comply with their demands, because at the end of the day, if the service ceases to be available in some country, it loses popularity, and if that happens, they lose money, a situation that ultimately could cost you your permanence in the market.

Users also would be harmed, because now our conversations would be read by agents of intelligence and security with the excuse of validating that we are not a risk to national security.

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