So you can erase your home from Google Maps

The success of Google Maps is due to the as specific a manner that shows the streets of different parts of the world, however, this same accuracy may annoy several people.

This is said because there are citizens who do not like their homes to be known by millions of strangers who are looking for how to get to a certain place, which although it sounds radical, it is something that happens constantly.

The discomfort of the individuals has been so much that has come to the ears of the same platform of Google who has decided to take letters in the matter and give a possible solution: remove some of the houses from Google Maps.

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How to erase your home from Google Maps

In order to carry out the removal, first we must be clear that this action needs a why reasonable, as a simple annoyance is not enough, try something stronger as a security measure.

According to this, you have to consider if it really affects something that the house, the car, the plates of this or even the people who appear close, are displayed.

Once this being clear, you must follow the following steps:

  • Log in to Google Maps and type the address of your house, in this case we are going to put from a famous shopping plaza

  • Go to the door of your home or in front of the place that you want to delete from the map
  • After this, a box will appear in the top left with the address of the selected site and there you will click on the three vertical dots to bring up the option to Notify problem

  • A prompt will appear that should be filled with the reasons why you should remove the place or the image of the house

  • When you have finished, you must submit the request to get a mail where they confirm that the removal was successful and Partners.

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