So would be the price of Netflix with the arrival of Ultra Mexico

First in Spain and now in Mexico. Netflix announced a new service called Ultra to their subscribers, and among the changes, the platform of content for streaming announced a new tariff that is already available in our country along with the first tests of the brand new option which will be incorporated completely during the next few weeks.

Downloads smart, the new feature of Netflix for Android

The change that has attracted attention is that the Premium service Netflix will lose advantages as well as the possibility of playing HDR, but unlike what happens in Europe, in Mexico you will be able to share the same 4 screens on both in the Premium plan Current as in the Ultra. Also preserved are the chances of repdoucción HD and Ultra HD.

It is also necessary to underline that the new option of Netflix is to test and could disappear if it does not work as expected, although if you decide to cover the extra cost and sign up, you will keep until the end of your subscription if you cease to be available to the rest of the users.

As you can see, contrary to what happens in Italy and Spain, the plan Ultra poses no fundamental differences with the Premium service, so I don’t imagine many users requesting it, although we will have to see how they are testing.

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