So you are preparing for Amazon, eBay and Free Market to the Hot Sale

The Hot Sale is one of the events to promote the shopping on-line more important in our country, we could even say that it is our Black Friday and Cyber Monday (which is also carried out in Mexico), and for this new edition of the Hot Sale that will be held from may 28 to June 1, 2018 (Monday to Friday of next week), Amazon, eBay and Mercado Libre are preparing to offer deals and other appealing to mexican customers.

These 3 companies are not the only ones who will be involved, but they are the 3 most important in terms of e-commerce is referred to in Mexico, so it is important to follow them closely, because as mentioned above, the Hot Comes out has as purpose to encourage the online shopping.


Starting with the most important of the last year by growth in our country is Amazon, which has announced some offers that will be available for their customers during the Hot Out.

According to the company’s e-commerce, this will be the first year that users will be able to use Amazon Cash card and Amazon Rechargeable to make purchases, increasing the payment options for the customers.

Likewise, there will be available points of delivery in Oxxo, which I already talked here in Unocero so that users do not simply make a purchase in case they are not able to receive it at home or work.

During the Hot Comes out, Amazon will offer a discount of 10% in addition to the that have already the products by paying with debit and credit cards participants, as well as months interest-free on purchases greater than $2,500 MXN.

So you’ll be able to pick up your packages from Amazon in the Oxxo stores

Despite the fact that Amazon has not detailed what type of products will have interesting offers, he has made it clear that there will be deals with up to 75% discount in different departments, among which are video games, cell phones, cameras, etc

Finally, the customers of Citibanamex will have an exclusive pre-sale 12 hours before the start of the event, so if you are interested it would be good to give you a tour around the website to enjoy the featured offers before other users.


Another of the strongest companies in terms of e-commerce is eBay, that for this edition of the Hot Sale has mentioned that many of their products in electronics like cell phones, cameras, video games, drones, etc

For proof of this, eBay itself has revealed some of the products that have discounts during the Hot Comes out 2018, as is the case with the Galaxy S9+, Huawei P20 Pro, DJI Mavic Air or the digital camera Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH5.

Clear that these will not be the only discounted items, as the american company ensures that there will be major promotions on thousands of items in the store. In addition, users can find discounts of up to 60%, which may increase thanks to a coupon that they can obtain during the event with a 20% additional discount.

eBay and Mercado Libre are joined in Mexico

Free Market

For its part, the Free Market wanted to mention that one of the pillars of the on-line purchases within their platform is safety, which is one of the factors why many customers still don’t want to buy on the Internet.

Omar Galicia, Commercial Director of Free-Market Mexico mentioned the following in this regard:

“We are clear that a good shopping experience is the key to increasing confidence in digital commerce, and for this reason we have invested heavily in the infrastructure that allows us, for example, shielding all the purchases of our users (Market Payment), and to ensure free shipping and up to 24 hours (with Market Shipments)”

This is how it works Market Payment Point Blue

In addition, the company has reported that for this Hot Sale 2018 will have more than 150 thousand articles in promotion in all categories, and discounts of up to 60%. For its part, also customers will have the option to buy months with no interest with cards participating.

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